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Loss of a leader


Loss of a Leader

December 24, 2012

Daniel Inouye
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This past week, the nation lost a significant advocate for the environment in the state of Hawaii and beyond when Senator Daniel K. Inouye died.

As Hawaii’s very first U.S. Representative, Senator Inouye was a part of shaping Hawaii since it gained statehood. He served the state and nation as U.S. Senator since January 1963 and brought new, important opportunities to the youngest state in the nation. Among his priorities, Senator Inouye advocated for research on undersea alternative energy sources, renewable energy generation, habitat conservation and the protection of endangered species and vulnerable ecosystems—yes, the Hawaiian monk seal lost an ally, as well.

In all, Senator Inouye served more than 58 years of distinguished public service. Interestingly, it was when his service in the military, and his subsequent injury, ended his quest to become a medical doctor, that the young Daniel Inouye turned to a life in politics. The Senator led a remarkable life, always demonstrating a commitment to the people, natural landscape and precious natural resources of the Hawaiian Islands. He’ll be greatly missed.

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