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The Ghost Below Art Exhibit


Whether or not we realize it, we all depend on a healthy ocean. But the ocean is suffering. Just below the surface, marine mammals live in a dangerous world - ocean trash, noise pollution and rapid climate change all threaten the health of marine life every day. This unseen impact is The Ghost Below. And it is hurting all of us. Look below to make a virtual visit to The Ghost Below art exhibit!

Ghost Net Monster
Indras Net, Judith Lang, marine mammal center

The Ghost Net Monster

Local artists Judith and Richard Lang created a hulking sculpture from a portion of the 450 pounds of "ghost nets" and trash found inside the belly of a dead sperm whale. Learn about the ghost nets that give this ghoulish monster its name.

Indra's Net

Based on Hindu myth, the god Indra cast a net over the infinite universe, affixing a jewel to each juncture that reflected every atom of the universe - expressing the interdependence of all life. 

Richard and Judith Lang
Ghost Nets

About Judith & Richard Lang

Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang are the artists behind the first two art installations of The Ghost Below exhibit - the Ghost Net Monster and Indra's Net. Learn about their fascination with washed up beach plastic, their mutual passion for the ocean and why they feel it's important to tell conservation stories through their art.

What are Ghost Nets?

Ghost nets make up about 10% of "trash" in the ocean. They can't always be seen but they are lurking beneath the waves. Learn all about how ghost nets haunt and harm marine life, and how they inspired The Ghost Below exhibit.

The Ghost Below Square Image
Rodeo Beach cleanup Reggie and Raya is an interactive and beautiful digital experience that will take you on a journey to the deepest depths of the ocean where you will learn about the haunting inspiration behind The Ghost Below art exhibit. Make your ocean promise on our virtual net!

Raya’s Ocean Trash Tale

More than 1,000 volunteers help The Marine Mammal Center save seal and sea lion patients. Every volunteer has a story to tell and a reason why they give their time to the Center. Watch this inspirational video about Raya and how she helps marine mammals.

ACHOP Beach Cleanup 2012

The Four R's

Remember the Four R's: REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE Find out what simple yet effective steps you can take to reduce your ocean footprint and address the problem of ocean trash.

Take Our Ocean Trash Quiz

Learn about the origin of ocean trash and the effects plastics have on the environment with our Ocean Trash Trivia Challenge. 


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