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San Luis Obispo Night Crew Volunteers

Night Crew Volunteers

Night Crew volunteers directly impact our mission by providing care for the patients at our triage facility. These volunteers are responsible for feeding and administering basic medication to patients on-site, cleaning pens and the patient kitchen, updating patient charts, and maintaining clean equipment, vehicles and facility.

A Night Crew volunteer must be dedicated, alert and physically capable of working with fast, wild animals and be a team player who is able to work with volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. These volunteers are expected to commit to one crew (crews are available each day of the week) and volunteer for the full evening shift each week for at least 6 months. Night Crew volunteers report directly to volunteer crew supervisor(s). Shift times vary throughout the year, typically busier in the spring and slower in the fall. Shifts include some weeks of being on call, depending on the number and species of animals on site but an approximate shift is 7:30pm-9:30pm. This volunteer position is only expected to volunteer on-site if there are animals on-site that night. This is an incredible opportunity to help save patients’ lives in a fun environment with a close team.

Specific duties

  • Providing patient triage care
    • Preparing feeds as prescribed by Veterinary Staff
    • Feeding patients
    • Observing unusual patient behavior
    • Drawing up and administering basic medication (additional training required)
  • Maintaining clean equipment, vehicles, and facility
    • Washing dishes and cleaning the Fish Kitchen
    • Updating patient charts
    • Cleaning pens
    • Laundry

Volunteer Characteristics

  • Must be alert and physically capable to work with fast, wild animals
  • Be a team player and work with volunteers of all ages and backgrounds
  • Willing to get dirty and pitch in wherever needed


  • Sign up on the SLO Volunteer Interest List
  • Submit a volunteer application
  • Complete the prospective volunteer screening process, including an interview, background check and motor vehicle check
  • Attend the New Volunteer Onboarding Training (Orientation, Basic Animal Husbandry and Basic Rescue Workshop)
  • Commit a minimum of 1 full shift each week for a minimum of 6 months with an attendance rate of at least 80% (Approximate shift is 7:30pm-9:30pm, although exact shift times vary with patient load)
  • Complete ICS 100 (external training offered through FEMA)
  • Must be 18 or older and have reliable transportation to the facility


  • Communicate with your crew supervisor in a timely manner if you are unable to attend a crew shift
  • Use proper cleaning etiquette to reduce the probability of disease transmission
  • Minimize handling and time spent around the patients

Become a Volunteer!

The first step to become a volunteer at San Luis Obispo Operations is to sign up on the volunteer interest list.

Click here to return to the main SLO volunteer page and sign up on the volunteer interest list.

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