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2012 - A Remarkable Year!

Thanks to your support we gave a blind sea lion cataract surgery, began building our new hospital in Hawaii, worked with ocean legend Jean-Michel Cousteau to inspire school children to save the ocean, gave 62 harbor seals a second chance at life back in the wild, freed an entangled gray whale, and much more!

Faith, elephant seal, the Marine Mammal Center

Scientists Study Congenital Defects in Elephant Seals!
A modern day health problem! Congenital defects in elephant seals, such as spinal deformities and cleft palates, reveal a 100-year-old story with human origins!


gray whale, marine mammal center, entanglement

Entangled Gray Whale Freed Successfully!
Rescuers from The Marine Mammal Center and the U.S. Coast Guard successfully freed a young gray whale entangled in, and weighted down with, 25 feet of crab pot line near Dillon Beach on May 14, 2012.


Lorraine, harbor seal, marine mammal center

Exceptional Year for Harbor Seal Rehab!
The Center successfully rehabilitated and released 62 harbor seal patients, like Lorraine and Clippy, in 2012 - one of our best years ever!


Old Ray, sea lion, the Marine Mammal Center

Sea Lion Gets Cataract Surgery!
Old Ray has survived being shot 3 times. Veterinarians at the Center completed a tricky, life-saving cataract surgery that has allowed him to have a more productive life in captive care.


Frances Gulland, the Marine Mammal Center

Dr. Frances Gulland Meets the Obamas!
In June, our Senior Scientist Dr. Frances Gulland, had the pleasure of meeting President Obama.


Eyebright, sea lion, gunshot wound

To the Rescue - Marine Mammal Care in Action!
We admitted just over 500 marine mammal patients in 2012, studied the brains of sea lions, began using specialized darting equipment in the rescue of animals in tricky locations, and brought a sea lion that suffered from a severe bout of leptospirosis back from the brink of death! Phew - what a year indeed!

Read About Lepto Patient Ridgie >>

Golden Missy, northern fur seal, the Marine Mammal Center, Hawaii

The Center Treats a Wayward Northern Fur Seal!
In a recorded first, a northern fur seal was found in Hawaii, thousands of miles from her natural habitat.


Jean-Michel Cousteau, sea turtle

Ocean Explorer Legend Jean-Michel Cousteau Visits!
Much to the delight of 100 school children and adults, Jean-Michel Cousteau paid us a visit in September for two days of ocean inspired fun.


members, the Marine Mammal Center

Inspired 100,000 Adults and Children!
Through our public visitor programs, monthly enrichment events like Marine Science Sundays, Whale Bus school program and many other hands-on classes and activites, we've welcomed and educated 100,000 people this year about the importance of caring for marine life. 



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