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Cute Alert!

Two very cute sea lion patients are keeping each other company while they recuperate from their illnesses.

July 26, 2012

Bandicoot, Vault, sea lions, Marine mammal Center
Bandicoot and Vault sometimes prefer to snuggle together in a carrier rather than their spacious pool at The Marine Mammal Center!
© The Marine Mammal Center

Bandicoot and Vault can't seem to get enough of each other!  At the Center, they share a pen and pool and can be seen together regularly - almost as if they were joined at the hip!

Both are California sea lions that our team rescued along the central coast a few days ago. Bandicoot is a malnourished yearling male sea lion that was spotted by citizens at Ocean Dunes in San Luis Obispo County on July 19. Rescuers saw that he was lethargic and had some sort of skin disease; in short, he didn't look well at all. At our hospital, he is being treated for a pox virus that he picked up and he's getting some square meals of herring to help him put on some weight.

Bandicoot, sea lion, Marine Mammal Center
Bandicoot ventures out to explore the pool while Vault sleeps.
© The Marine Mammal Center

Vault is a skinny female sea lion that the team rescued near a pier at Avila Beach on July 20. Rescuers saw a sad sight as she was dragging her hind flippers on the sand - one sign that she wasn't feeling well. Veterinarians examined her and found the cause of her discomfort - an abscess. For now, Vault is on a variety of medicines to help the healing process, and while she doesn't have an appetite to want to eat on her own, animal care volunteers and staff give her the daily nourishment she needs to grow stronger through tube-feedings of ground herring "shakes" and electrolytes.

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