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A Trio of Guadalupe Fur Seals Go Home!

Guadalupe fur seals, H.M.S. Pinnifur, Jax and Rascal, all went back to the wild this week after collectively receiving six months of care at the Center.

H.M.S. Pinnifur, Jax, & Rascal Go Home!

June 18, 2012

Guadalupe fur seals slide 1

Guadalupe fur seals are brought to the Channel Islands for release back to the ocean.
NOAA Permit #932-1905

Guadalupe fur seals slide 2

Animal advocate Lynn Cadwell holds up an entanglement that was removed from one of the fur seals. NOAA permit #932-1905

Guadalupe fur seals slide 3

Jax, Rascal, and H.M.S. Pinnifur dove into the waters around the Channel Islands. NOAA permit #932-1905

Guadalupe fur seals slide 4

Home at last!
NOAA permit #932-1905

Guadalupe fur seals slide 5

Photos: Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute.
NOAA permit #932-1905

H.M.S. Pinnifur, Jax and Rascal are now back in the ocean! With help from our friends at the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute, the Guadalupe fur seals were loaded onto a boat called the Condor Express and released at the Channel Islands in Southern California. The islands are a wonderful breeding ground for fur seals - so it was ideal to release them back into familiar waters!

"H.M.S. Pinnifur" female Guadalupe Fur Seal

May 25, 2012

HMS Pinnifur, female Guadalupe fur seal.

Rescued on May 25, 2012 from Bodega Dunes Boardwalk, Sonoma County, H.M.S. Pinnifur was found entangled in nylon netting. At approximately 9 months old, she was severly underweight at just 16.5 lbs. She was also malnourished and was being harrassed by people on the beach.

H.M.S Pinnifur is only the 50th Guadalupe fur seal to have been rescued by the Center since 1975! If a fur seal is found on a mainland beach, something is probably wrong as they are pelagic, which means they live almost all of the time in the open ocean. Guadalupe fur seals are listed as Threatened on the Endangered Species Act, with only 10,000 individuals left in the world!


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