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Meet On The Rocks!

On the Rocks, is a tiny Pacific harbor seal pup rescued in March 2012 by one of our volunteers.

 March 24, 2012

On the Rocks, marine mammal center, harbor seal
Who has a fancy hat and a big mouth? That would be On the Rocks!
© Adam Ratner - The Marine Mammal Center

On the Rocks is a tiny Pacific harbor seal pup our volunteers rescued at Goat Rock beach in Jenner, CA on March 23, 2012. Harbor seals of any age are particularly shy, and humans approaching them can cause a mother to abandon her pup, especially if someone moves her pup. We don’t know what happened in this case, but harbor seal pups are born with a poorly developed immune system so their best bet for survival is to remain with their mom, drinking her highly rich and nutritious milk.

When On the Rocks was rescued, he was just a few days old and weighed less than 14 lbs. We knew he was premature because his coat didn’t have any spots. Without his mom to feed him, On the Rocks had no chance at surviving in the wild. Thanks to caring people like you, On the Rocks received all the TLC, formula and fish he needed. And in just 2 months, this lucky harbor seal pup was released back to the wild with a special hat tag so scientists can learn more about his travels!

You are responsible for our successes! On the Rocks was just two of 265 seal pups and weaners we rescued in 2012 – over half of our patient load!


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