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Back to the Future!

A Sea lion patient named Steven Sealberg rests at our hospital waiting to get "Back to the Future!"

July 4, 2012

Steven Sealberg, sea lion, the Marine Mammal Center
Steven Sealberg rests at The Marine Mammal Center
© The Marine Mammal Center

A citizen called The Marine Mammal Center a few weeks ago to report a sickly looking California sea lion at the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club in San Mateo County. When rescuers arrived, they came across the male sea lion pup who was very listless. This is the time of year these young animals begin to appear on beaches, piers and other places for multiple reasons, including malnourishment, injuries and more. Within minutes, our team got the little animal into a rescue carrier and to our hospital where rescuers named him - wait for it -  Steven Sealberg!

It's customary for the rescue caller or rescuers to give a name to the patient. In this case, though, we'll never know for sure the origins of this name (which is a fun tribute to the famous film director Steven Spielberg) but maybe some newly devised titles for the director's films were the inspiration! For instance what if the blockbuster movies Men in Black, Close Encounters and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were adapted with a "pinniped theme in mind" to become: Seals in Black, Close Encounters of the Seal Kind and Sealiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

In any event, Steven Sealberg is resting at our hospital and veterinarians and animal care volunteers are keeping a close eye on the "sea-lebrity" making sure he is doing well and eating lots of fish daily with the hopes of getting him "Back to the Future" in the ocean very soon!

We can use your help to give Steven Sealberg and other pinniped patients the meals and meds they need to become healthy again!

Join our Dollar-a-Pound challenge to fill the fish buckets and help these animals this summer!

the Marine Mammal Center, dollar-a-pound

Your dollars can turn fish into pounds - our sick patients need to gain a lot of weight! When you add some fish to the rehabilitation skills of our amazing volunteers plus the expertise of our veterinary team, you get a formula for success.
Together, we can send these animals back home - to whatever planet they may live on. 

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