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The Closer - We're Rooting for this Sea Lion

October 31, 2012

We're sad to report that The Closer closed his eyes for the last time and passed away in his pen overnight. Our veterinarians are conducting a necropsy (animal autopsy) tomorrow to try and determine the cause of death. We will update this page when we learn more.

Unfortuntately, not all animals that we rescue, make it. Some are incredibly sick when we rescue them - sometimes they pull through and other times they don't. Our job is to give them a second chance at life - to provide the most humane, and the best medical and supportive care that we can, however long they are with us. We learn from every animal that lives or dies in our care. Each animal that we help tells us a story about themselves, their species and their ocean home.

The Closer will add to our growing wealth of information about sea lions, which increases our global understanding of marine mammal health. The more we understand, the more we can help.  

October 29, 2012

The Closer - Named in Honor of The World Series Champions San Francisco Giants - Will Receive Some TLC!

The Closer, Sergio Romo, marine mammal center, sea lion
"The Closer" chills out at The Marine Mammal Center.
© The Marine Mammal Center

We all like to vote for the underdog - as was the case for the San Francisco Giants who won the World Series last night after beating the odds stacked against them this season - so it was with no surprise that we decided to pay tribute to the team, and to Sergio "The Closer" Romo who gave it his all to help bring his team the ultimate victory!

This male California sea lion nicknamed "The Closer" was rescued in Tiburon today after our rescuers received nearly a dozen calls from concerend citizens. When the team arrived at Richardson Bay, it was low tide and "The Closer" was sitting on a rocky and sandy ledge not acting like a normal sea lion at all. Most wild animals would move away quickly from approaching humans, but since he didn't, the team knew he needed some help. He is impressive in size weighing upwards of 112 kg but he has no interested in fish at this time.

For now, the veterinary team will give him some space and then do a physical check up in the morning and begin him on a treatment plan and hopefully for recovery. We'll be rooting for this underdog too so check back here for future updates on him.


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