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Marine Science Discovery Program


 Science in Action for Inner City High School Students

A centerpiece of The Marine Mammal Center’s education programming since 1999, The Marine Science Discovery Program (MSDP) is an intensive eight-session program that targets underserved students at Bay Area high schools. For many students, the program is an introduction to the interconnectedness and complexity of the coastal environments that exist beyond the borders of their communities. MSDP also provides students the opportunity to study in the field and learn about marine careers, animal medicine, and conservation.

For more information, download our MSDP brochure here.

To see an example of our Feeding Ecology Lab, click here.

Schools Served

The Marine Mammal Center has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing schools in the Bay Area. Schools recently involved  in MSDP include Oakland High (2002-2009), Oakland Tech (1995-2000, 2006-2010), Elsie Allen High (1999-2009), Pittsburg High (2002-2009), and Galileo High (2007-2008).  Schools are selected after an application process.



Student and Teacher Quotes

“I enjoyed the hands-on education from all the trips and activities that we did. This program has greatly affected the way I see marine life now. I am more aware of what’s going on.  I can now identify sea lions and seals, learned about estuaries, and how weather conditions affect marine mammals as well.”   Student - Jerry Ha, Oakland High 

“My experiences in MSDP has literally changed my life.  After the trip on the boat, I would love to travel on one later in my life. It was also memorable, because it was the first time I had gotten on a boat.”  Student - Shaumbria Broach, Oakland Tech

“All of our students have had their perspectives of our oceans and earth changed for the better. Some of our students will go into the fields opened up to them in the MSDP.”   Teacher - Katie Noonan and Kevin Jordan, Oakland High

Funders & Collaborators

The Marine Science Discovery Program could not reach out to these schools if it were not for the generous funding from The Sato Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency.

A number of fantastic collaborators enhance the MSDP with their services, including the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, the Bay Model, S.F. Whales, Seamen’s Training Center, and Gaslight Charters.


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