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Now, before you leave, do you want to make a seal's day?

Southern Whale Bus


Fascinate Your Students with Fins, Facts and Fun!

Join us for a whale of a time!

The Whale Bus is a van that travels to your site transforming your classroom into a marine mammal museum with real specimens such as bones, pelts, and baleen. We bring an ocean field trip to your classroom! All programs include hands-on activities and exploration of specimens. Programs teach students about the lives of marine mammals as well as the bigger picture of caring for the marine environment. The Marine Mammal Center is a wildlife hospital; therefore, we do not bring live animals.

General Information (please scroll down to find the reservation request form)

Each program is one hour in length and can host up to 35 students each. There is a two-program minimum to reserve the Whale Bus. We can teach up to four programs per day, and only one program topic each day. 

At your site we will need:

  • The same room for all programs
  • 2 to 5 tables already set-up in the room for specimens/activities
  • Access to the room 1 hour before and after for set up and take down
  • Convenient parking for the Whale Bus
  • Assistance of an adult or older student for unloading and loading
  • 15 minutes between programs


  • 2 Programs $320 ($160 each)
  • 3 Programs $435 ($145 each)
  • 4 Programs $520 ($130 each) 

Reservation Information

Please fill out the Reservation Request Form after reading the descriptions of Whale Bus programs by grade (see below). You will receive a reply by phone or email within two weeks of your request.  Once we confirm your reservation request, you will receive a confirmation packet and invoice by email or mail.

We require payment or receipt of a purchase order one month before your scheduled date.

 Grades K to 5th

 Wonderful Whales

Beautiful, mysterious and magnificent, whales fascinate many of us. Students examine specimens, including baleen, krill and bones to learn about different types of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises). Participants in 2nd grade and up assemble the skeleton of a pygmy sperm whale; younger grades "dress up" a student as a whale to learn about body parts and adaptations.

Frequently Asked Questions | Reservation Request Form 

 Grades 6th to 12th

 Adventures in Anatomy

Humans and marine mammals share many similar anatomical characteristics, yet they have adapted over time to thrive in different environments. Students compare human and marine mammal anatomy while assembling the skeleton of a pygmy sperm whale. Three stations using our unique specimen collection teach students about the anatomy, adaptations and feeding strategies of marine mammals.

Frequently Asked Questions | Reservation Request Form 

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