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Summer Learning

Summer Learning at The Marine Mammal Center

Join us for Summer Learning where youth can engage in hands-on science sessions focused on marine mammals, ocean health, and the work that is done at the Center.

Danger! Domoic Acid Students will dive into the full cycle of Domoic Acid from the beach to the brain. (Domoic Acid is a biotoxin that affects some of our patients.) 2 hours • $250
Got Guts? Who doesn’t want to dissect a fish and examine its anatomy? 1 hour • $150
Melting Away Students will explore how our climate is impacting our oceans and the marine mammals that live on ice. 30 minutes • $75
Whatcha Catchin’? Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish sustainably and you feed him a wealth of knowledge and keep a healthy ocean. 30 minutes • $75
Poopology What goes in, must come out! A look into the diet of our wild pinnipeds through their poop. 30 minutes • $75
Patient Rounds While touring the marine mammal hospital, students get a look at all that goes into the care of the patients. 30 minutes • $75

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