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Are You Ready for Climate Change?
The world’s climate is changing, a situation that will have a strong impact on our oceans. The Marine Mammal Center is working to protect future generations of marine mammals as this process accelerates in the coming years.
Hope for the Future
Marine Science Sunday is coming up on May 8 and 22! This month features an exciting program called Back from the Brink: Saving Species, in which we'll learn about the work being done to save endangered species such as the Hawaiian monk seal. For May 8th only, join us to launch a brand new animated short on climate change and marine mammals, and meet the animators!
Feed the Sea Lions!
Hungry sea lion pups are washing ashore on California beaches for the fourth year in a row. You can help feed them by taking part in the Dollar-a-Pound campaign.
Sea Lion Soirée
Join us on September 18 as we celebrate another landmark year of veterinary, scientific, and educational achievements. Enjoy cocktails, an animal release at Rodeo Beach, educational activities at the Center for all ages, dinner under the tent, and sunset dessert.
<![CDATA[./assets/flash/images/slide89.jpg]]> <![CDATA[Gray Whales in the Klamath River!]]> <![CDATA[The Marine Mammal Center joins a multi-agency effort to help a mother Gray whale and her calf return to the ocean.]]> <![CDATA[Read!]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[./assets/flash/images/slide90.jpg]]> <![CDATA[Meet Our 10,000th Sea Lion Patient!]]> <![CDATA[This little guy is now under our care but doesn't have a name. We're reserving that for you to decide! Read his story and find out how you can give him a name!> <![CDATA[More!]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[./assets/flash/images/slide86.jpg]]> <![CDATA[Step Inside a Jellyfish!]]> <![CDATA[See this and 14 other colossal sculptures made from ocean trash at the Washed Ashore: Plastics, Sea Life and Art exhibit at The Marine Mammal Center now through October 15!]]> <![CDATA[Details!]]> <![CDATA[]]>
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