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Suffocating Sea Lion
Orchard was struggling to breathe when he was rescued, but our veterinary experts diagnosed and treated a rare condition, saving his life.
Home for the Holidays
Orphaned Steller sea lion pup Leo was rescued in Washington state and transported to The Marine Mammal Center for care until he’s old enough to survive on his own.
An Ocean Feast!
Join us on Marine Science Sunday and learn about the amazing feeding and hunting strategies of marine mammals! Dolphins, otters, and whales all have their unique and innovative methods for feeding themselves in the rich environment of the ocean.
Lost at Sea
This is the time of year when tiny little fur seal pups sometimes arrive at The Marine Mammal Center. Kadiddlehopper and Fructus were rescued after being separated from their mothers, both of them too young to survive on their own.
<![CDATA[./assets/flash/images/slide89.jpg]]> <![CDATA[Gray Whales in the Klamath River!]]> <![CDATA[The Marine Mammal Center joins a multi-agency effort to help a mother Gray whale and her calf return to the ocean.]]> <![CDATA[Read!]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[./assets/flash/images/slide90.jpg]]> <![CDATA[Meet Our 10,000th Sea Lion Patient!]]> <![CDATA[This little guy is now under our care but doesn't have a name. We're reserving that for you to decide! Read his story and find out how you can give him a name!> <![CDATA[More!]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[./assets/flash/images/slide86.jpg]]> <![CDATA[Step Inside a Jellyfish!]]> <![CDATA[See this and 14 other colossal sculptures made from ocean trash at the Washed Ashore: Plastics, Sea Life and Art exhibit at The Marine Mammal Center now through October 15!]]> <![CDATA[Details!]]> <![CDATA[]]>
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