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Program Impact

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The mission of the International Veterinary Fellowship Program is to give marine mammal veterinarians in underdeveloped countries the tools they need to develop effective rescue and rehabilitation programs. Marine mammals are bellwethers for the health of our oceans and the knowledge that fellows gain in this program will be a critical component to improving our understanding of the global state of the marine environment. It is critical to understand the health concerns and trends globally and to have better data collection of dead and stranded marine mammals.

Training and hands-on experience with wild marine mammals, as well as extensive necropsy and pathology work, is difficult to obtain, with The Marine Mammal Center one of only a handful of organizations that has the volume to provide this type of unique training. Building this capacity is critical to worldwide marine mammal conservation and to better understanding what is happening, positive and negative, to marine mammals in their habitats.

Participants will return to the rehabilitation and conservation programs in their own countries prepared to implement training programs of their own. In addition, by being introduced to the large number of researchers we collaborate with, the participants will become part of an international professional network of collaborators.

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