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International Veterinary In-Residence Application Materials

The International Veterinary In-Residence (IVIR) training program at The Marine Mammal Center provides marine mammal veterinarians across the globe an opportunity to gain experience in marine mammal medicine and rehabilitation.

Program participants will gain critical animal care skills and knowledge from our acclaimed scientific and veterinary staff built on more than 40 years of experience caring for more than 20,000 individual marine mammal patients. Residents train for three months between March and September at our state-of-the-art animal care and research facility in Sausalito, California.

IVIR Activities May Include:

  • Assisting veterinary staff in providing medical management of a large number of stranded marine mammals;
  • Strengthening knowledge of pinniped medicine, restraint, and anesthesia;
  • Participating in daily medical rounds and dissemination of patient updates to staff, volunteers and visitors;
  • Performing post-mortem examinations to determine causes of patient mortality;
  • Working with animal care volunteer crews to feed and care for patients;
  • Assisting stranding staff and volunteers in response and rescue of sick and injured marine mammals;
  • Providing response and veterinary support at satellite facilities in Monterey Bay and San Luis Obispo;
  • Developing a collaborative research project exploring a topic of interest relating to marine mammal health and rehabilitation

Applications for our 2019 IVIR class are now open. Please click here for application information.

Questions? Contact Dr. Shawn Johnson at Please put "Question regarding IVIR program 2018" in the subject heading so your question will be directed to the right place.

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