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Current Residents

Meet the 2018 Residents!

Fernanda Modesto Carpintero
Fernanda Modesto Carpintero

Country: Brazil
Residency: March-May

Fernanda Modesto Carpintero’s greatest passion has always been pinnipeds, and she believes that her time at the Center will be an amazing opportunity to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of these animals, specifically for anesthesiology and surgery purposes, in an effort to develop her knowledge of and contribution to the science of marine mammals. Fernanda has an undergraduate degree from the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a post-graduate degree in Medical and Surgical Clinic of Wildlife from Instituto Qualittas. Since 2014, she has been involved in monitoring, rescue, management and rehabilitation of wildlife, mainly marine mammals, as well as performing medical examinations, anesthesia and overall care of marine mammals from stabilization to release and necropsies at several rehabilitation centers in Brazil and Argentina. She is currently working at Aiuka in Praia Grande, Brazil.


Vitor Luz Carvalho
Vitor Luz Carvalho

Country: Brazil
Residency: June-August

Vitor Luz Carvalho comes to us from Brazil, where he most recently participated as a veterinarian in the Brazilian Amazon for expeditions to capture pink river dolphins for health monitoring, marking and genetic research. Vitor has an undergraduate degree in Veterinary Medicine and a master’s degree in Veterinary Science from the State University of Ceará. After graduating, he worked as a veterinarian on the rescue team at the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center of Aquasis, a conservation institution and part of the Brazilian Stranding Network of Aquatic Mammals. During this period, Vitor also earned his Doctorate in Medical Microbiology at Federal University, where he did a project on parasitic fauna of cetaceans from Northeastern Brazil. He also collaborates with other research groups in Brazil and was recently invited to participate in the Sirenian Specialist Group at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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