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Current Residents

This year, The Marine Mammal Center received applications from 19 candidates from 10 countries. After careful consideration, three candidates from Taiwan, Brazil and Thailand were selected to participate in 2016 and we are looking forward to welcoming them to the Center.

Meet the 2016 Residents!

Dr. Chieh ‘Roger’ Lo
Dr. Roger Lo

Country: Taiwan
Residency: February 22 - May 20

Dr. Lo is a veterinarian at Farglory Ocean Park in Hualien, Taiwan. She received a Masters degree in 2012 for developing a rapid immune test for identifying cetacean meat on the illegal trade market. Dr. Lo also worked as a veterinarian for the Taiwan Cetacean Society in Taipei, where she was responsible for coordinating live stranding response, and necropsy and pathology of dead cetaceans. Her dream is to build a non-profit rescue center for marine animals in Taiwan. Through the IVIR program, she expects to learn not only the medical skills for marine mammals, but the management method of a rehabilitation center. The IVIR program will be a stepping stone on a way to make this rescue center come true.


Dr. Joana Ikeda

Country: Brazil
Residency: May 2 - July 29

Dr. Ikeda is the head veterinarian at Instituto Mamiferos Aquaticos rescue and rehabilitation center in Salvador, Brazil, where she rehabilitates pinnipeds and otters, and responds to stranded cetaceans. She has worked for the federal government on the Manatee Project, conserving the most endangered marine mammal in Brazil. She also has significant research experience, with 9 scientific publications to her name. She hopes that the IVIR program will give her more experience in the management of pinnipeds – species with which she currently works, but which are poorly studied in Brazil. She intends to enrich her knowledge in medicine and anesthesia to better aid the conservation of these species in Brazil.


Dr. Rachawadee ‘Bee’ Chantra
Dr. Rachawadee ‘Bee’ Chantra

Country: Thailand
Residency: July 11 – September 27

Dr. Chantra is a veterinarian at the Marine Endangered Species Unit, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources in Phuket, Thailand. She manages the rescue team, which rescues dolphins, whales, dugong, sea turtles, and sharks. She also assists with research on the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin. In Thailand there are few marine animal veterinarians, and Dr. Chantra wants to apply her experience as an IVIR to managing marine animals in Thailand and sharing her knowledge with other people and veterinary students who are interested in this field. You can watch a YouTube video that she made of a Bryde’s whale necropsy (a cetacean species about which little is known) that took place in the middle of a mangrove forest:

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