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2015 Alumni

Class of 2015

Dr. Daniela Barcenas – Mexico
Daniela Barcenas darting practice

After finishing the IVIR program in 2015, Dr. Barcenas returned to the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur as a part-time professor, teaching subjects such as Biology of Marine Mammals, Survey Techniques of Wild Fauna and Population Ecology in the Veterinary School.

She left in August to start Cientenela, a nonprofit conservation group in Baja California. She coordinates the Sea Lion Disentanglement Project, which provides training for local government agencies to rescue California sea lions entangled in marine debris. Recent campaigns have been successful in La Paz Bay, Los Islotes and San Rafaelito.

Photo: Dr. Daniela Barcenas at target practice with the dart gun that is used to remotely sedate entangled sea lions. Photo © The Marine Mammal Center


Dr. Liliana Serrano - Mexico
Liliana Serrano draws blood on dolphin

After finishing the IVIR program in 2015, Dr. Serrano continued her work at Delphinus, located in the Riviera Maya and Cancun, Mexico. She is the head veterinarian at the Cancun facility, where she cares for a population of 85 dolphins and several sea lions. After her residency at The Marine Mammal Center, she took over care of the sea lions.

The Marine Mammal Center gave her a lot of confidence to work with sea lions, and although she thought she was a “cetacean girl,” she now knows that she loves pinnipeds too. Dr. Serrano most enjoyed learning about rehabilitation medicine, and hopes that one day she can work with both captive and wild animals.

Photo: Dr. Liliana Serrano draws blood from a dolphin post-mortem to better understand why the animal died. Photo by Claire Simeone © The Marine Mammal Center


Dr. Maria Echenique - Mexico
Maria Echenique performs surgery

Since finishing the IVIR program at The Marine Mammal Center in 2015, only amazing things have happened in Dr. Echenique’s life. She completed her thesis at the National University of Mexico in Mexico City, and had the wonderful opportunity to start work as a veterinarian at Cabo Dolphins.

In addition to caring for the many marine mammals at their facility, Cabo Dolphins responds to marine mammal stranding calls for seals, sea lions and cetaceans. The goal of Dr. Echenique’s work is to reach people´s hearts and make them fall in love with marine mammals, the ocean and the amazing nature that is all around them.

The knowledge that The Marine Mammal Center shared with her has been an essential tool for her work with these animals, and the program trained her in both educating others and continuing to educate herself. She is very grateful for all of the staff and volunteers of The Marine Mammal Center – the IVIR program was one of the best experiences that she ever had!

Photo: Dr. Echenique (left) performs surgery with Dr. Claire Simeone (right) on a California sea lion with an abscess. Photo © The Marine Mammal Center

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