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Climate Change

The world’s climate is changing, and these changes will have an enormous impact on our planet, especially our oceans. By taking action now to ensure a healthy ocean and healthy marine mammals, we are also protecting future generations of marine mammals and people from the anticipated effects as climate change accelerates in the coming years.

A Word with Dr. Whizzlepuff: Climate Change

The California College of the Arts and The Marine Mammal Center produced an animated short highlighting the science of climate change, its effects on marine mammals and actions we can take to reduce our global footprint. The film was directed and written by Pixar animator Bret Parker, with animation and production completed by students at the California College of the Arts. This animation was generously funded by the California Coastal Commission Whale Tail Grant Program as part of the Center's Climate Change Education Initiative.

What is Global Warming?
The burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas is causing an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  This traps the heat of the planet like a blanket causing the oceans, land and atmosphere to warm.  Click the links below to learn more about the changing climate, how it affects people and marine mammals, and how we can take action to help!

Effects of Climate Change

Our planet as a whole and each of its ecosystems will experience the effects of a warming planet and changing climate. Learn more about some of the aspects of climate change and some of the effects we can expect to see if we don't reduce our carbon emissions. Find out more ...

Frequently Asked Questions: Climate Change Basics

What is the difference between climate change and global warming? How is the ocean important to the climate? Get the answers to some commonly asked questions about the fundamentals of climate change. Find out more ...

Marine Mammals
and Climate Change

Our California coastline is a popular spot for marine mammals, but they are found all around the world. Learn how climate change can affect marine mammals in California and around the globe. Find out more ...

How You Can Help!

From seeking out alternative energy, like wind and solar, to reducing your use of plastic, we can take action as individuals and communities to reduce our carbon footprint and create a healthier environment for both people and marine mammals! Find out more ...

Reducing Carbon Emissions at The Marine Mammal Center

From reducing plastic to incorporating sustainable elements in our facility, The Marine Mammal Center is dedicated to creating a healthier planet. Read more about some of the green aspects of the Center and what we do to educate and inspire others!
Find out more ...

Our Partners in Climate Education

The Marine Mammal Center partners with numerous organizations and networks across the country to share climate science and communication, and work towards solutions. Find out more ...


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