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Reducing Carbon Emissions at The Marine Mammal Center

As the World’s largest marine mammal hospital, we are committed to a greener future for marine mammals and people. We strive to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into all aspects of our work and serve as a role model for other businesses and communities to reduce their energy and carbon footprint.

Solar Panels and Renewable Energy

The solar panels over the patient pens and medical buildings generate between 25-35% of our energy consumption.  While our filtration is quite energy-intensive in order to provide the best care for our patients, with our solar panels each year, we collect the equivalent of what it takes to power over 8 homes on the global average.  Given that it is cheaper to use solar energy rather than fossil fuels in California, we are also able to save close to $20,000 a year, meaning that your donation dollars can go farther into our patient care and education work!  We work with a local Community Choice Aggregation called MCE that allows us to have solar and wind energy provided to cover our remaining energy use, meaning that the center is powered on 100% renewable energy.

The Marine Mammal Center would like to thank our Corporate Sustainability Partner,
PG&E, for their ongoing support of our solar initiatives.

Water Conservation

Clean water is critical for our patients, but we wanted to be mindful of our water usage at the hospital.  Utilizing a state-of-the-art filtration system, we are able to recycle 80% of the water in the patient pens and treat it with ozone gas in order to ensure that our patients have a clean environment to recover in and we don't waste our precious water resources.

Green Team at The Marine Mammal Center

The volunteer and staff Green Team at The Marine Mammal Center is dedicated to implementing green policies and programs that protect our natural resources, reduce energy and waste and build respect for the environment.  The Green Team has been responsible for leading numerous initiatives including:

  • Through a generous donation from PG&E, The Marine Mammal Center installed three Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging stations for our visiting guests, volunteers and staff to utilize when visiting the hospital.
  • The Green Team partnered with Casabella to reduce our plastic waste.  Casabella provided 1000 pairs of reusable gloves for our animal care volunteers and veterinarian teams to reduce the use of plastic latex gloves. 
  • The Marine Mammal Center installed a resuable water bottle station in our courtyard to allow volunteers and visitors to more easily use reusable water bottles rather than rely on plastic, disposable water bottles
  • In collaboration with local composting services, we have established a composting program for both human food waste and uneaten fish from our patients to ensure that we reduce our methane emissions.

Education Programmming

The Marine Mammal Center incorporates climate change messaging into many educational programs and partners with organizations around the country on climate change education. The Center is a member of the National Network of Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI), the Bay Area Climate Literacy Impact Collaborative (Bay CLIC), and member of the Community Climate Change Fellowship with the North American Association of Environmental Education. Sharing information with our over 100,000 visitors each year, and many more through our website, is an extremely important aspect of our mission and can help empower individuals and communities to take action to curb carbon emissions and help protect our oceans and planet.  Read more about our collaborations at: Partners on Climate Education.

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