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Imani the Harbor Seal Needs Your Help

Help Imani and Other Pups Get a Second Chance at Life!


Imani, an abandoned harbor seal pup, was rescued on March 4, 2010, at Seacliff State Beach in Santa Cruz County. Imani, a male pup, whose name means belief and faith in Arabic, weighed just under 22 pounds upon his arrival.

Imani still had part of his umbilical cord attached and a shiny white lanugo coat which is usually lost before birth. He was spotted alone on a beach with his mother nowhere in sight.

Today, Imani is doing much better. He's put on weight - almost 4 pounds - and is making progress every day. Our hospital crew works around-the-clock to make sure that he gets the best care possible. Imani needs to be fed five times a day, including one tube-feeding at night. Once he's stronger, volunteers will teach him how to eat fish on his own. And when he's healthy, he'll be returned to the ocean.

When a harbor seal pup is separated from his mother during the 4-6 week-long weaning period, his immune system is very weak and undeveloped causing him to be particularly susceptible to stress which can compromise his health. The Center's dedicated hospital crew is keeping a close watch on Imani who receives a medical check-up daily from veterinarians.

Imani is just one of 25 harbor seals currently at the Center. The pupping season has just started, and with more than 100 patients already here, we need your help more than ever!

You can help Imani and other harbor seal pups by donating to the Center. It costs a lot to keep these pups healthy and to give them an opportunity to return to the wild:

$10 = 1 meal for 1 pup

$25 = 1 day of medication for 1 pup

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Learn about the Center's pupping season campaign - Leave Seals Be- and how you can help if you spot a marine mammal in distress.


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