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Sea lion pup shooting


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Who would shoot a defenseless sea lion pup!



This young sea lion pup was found in Monterey, CA, May 18, 2011 with a gunshot wound to his face.
© The Marine Mammal Center


X-rays show multiple metal fragments in this sea lion pup's head.
© The Marine Mammal Center


Marine Mammal Center rescuers in Monterey picked up this little guy in Santa Cruz County, nicknamed Bashir, on May 18, 2011. He had been shot in the face. Unfortunately, his injuries were too great and veterinarians came to the hard decision the following day to end his misery and euthanize him. It's believed Bashir was shot within the past two days. If anyone living or visiting in the Monterey or Santa Cruz County areas has information about this particular case or other violent acts against marine mammals - please call the NOAA law enforcement:  (831) 647-2127

Other numbers you should know to report a marine mammal in distress including those that are victims of gunshots, entanglements or other injuries:

The Marine Mammal Center: (415) 289-SEAL (7325)

California Department of Fish and Game: 1-888-DFG-CALTIP (888-334-2258)

NOAA law enforcement hotline: 1-800-853-1964  

Sadly, a fair number of sea lions are rescued by the Center with signs of previous gunshot wounds that have since healed over.  In  2010, the Center admitted 9 patients with gunshot wounds - most recently a large male sea lion named Silent Knightwho had been shot in the face and is now permanently blind. In 2009, the number of patients admitted with gunshot wounds was a staggering 19! It is illegal to harm or harass a marine mammal under the 1972 marine mammal protection act. Violators can be prosecuted and fines and even jail time imposed for convictions.




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