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2014 News Archives

Read about the Center's news for the year!

Welcome to the 2014 News Archives!

Click below to read the top news and patient stories at The Marine Mammal Center.

Satellite-Tagged Guadalupe Fur Seal Sterling Archer Heads Straight for a Seafood Buffet

Steller Sea Lion Pup Leo Finds a Home for the Holidays

The Curious Case of the Sea Lion That Couldn’t Catch His Breath

Lost at Sea: Northern Fur Seal Pups Separated From Mom Struggle to Survive

Entanglements Are No Joke: Sea Lion Socks Scarred for Life

A Disturbing Lineup: Three Gunshot Victims Rescued in Three Weeks

Hawaiian Monk Seal Pup Count Indicates Healthy Trend as Two New Patients Arrive at Ke Kai Ola

Spiderpig Does Whatever a Spider-pig Does, in Spite of Severe Entanglement

A Place of Healing for Hawaiian Monk Seals: Celebrating the Opening of Ke Kai Ola

More Than a Third of California Sea Lions Rescued This Year Affected By Toxic Algae Bloom

Elusive Entangled Sea Lion O’Neill Is Finally Free

Three Blind Pinnipeds: Treating Blindness in Seals and Sea Lions

Snouty Overcomes an Ugly Entanglement

First Patients Arrive at Our New Hawaiian Monk Seal Hospital

A Global Outlook for Marine Mammals

Starving Sea Lions Continue to Strand on California Beaches

Entangled Sea Lion at PIER 39 Gets Himself Into a Pickle

Beemer Cruise: Harbor Seal Hostage

From Howls to Roars, Our Record Number of Patients Are Making Themselves Heard

This Is Epic: Meet The Marine Mammal Center’s 11,000th Sea Lion

Record Number of Animals Admitted During Our Busiest Season Ever

Hoppie Takes a Leap and Ends Up Miles Inland

We Love Our Volunteers!

Shammyrock: An Entangled Sea Lion Gets a Lucky Break

Harbor Seal Pup Rowdy Neal Found in Grassy Field Far From Ocean

Say “Aloha” to Pua, an Entangled Pup

Portable X-Ray Machine Will Help Diagnose Hawaiian Monk Seals

Wily Coyote, One of First Elephant Seal Pups On-Site in 2014

It’s a Girl! Meet Our First Pup of 2014!

Youth Volunteer Jackson Cooney Receives Heart of Marin Award

Honey Girl the Hawaiian Monk Seal has a Baby!

Vote for Your Favorite Marine Mammal Patient of 2013!

Three Sea Lions Get a Good Start to the New Year!

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