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Giving Circles: 2017

Donor listings for 2016 and 2017

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Chairman’s CircleProtected Resources CircleSteller Legacy CircleKellan Circle


Chairman’s Circle

  • $100,000+
    Continental Development Corporation and Richard C. and Melanie F. Lundquist

  • $50,000-$99,999
    Marc and Lynne Benioff
    Carole Strauss
    Nancy and Gregory Wilson

  • $25,000-$49,999
    Pat Callahan and David Dee
    Marguerite DiGiorgio
    Cinnie and Merrill Magowan
    Cecily and David Majerus
    Kristin Otis and James Boyce
    Faye & Sandor Straus - Firedoll Foundation
    Barbara Anne Swain
    Ms. Hilary Valentine

  • $10,000-$24,999
    Anonymous (2)
    Catherine L. Burke
    C.A.C. Charitable Trust
    Joshua and Aline Copp
    Elena Court
    Mrs. Wendy Czarnecki
    Denise and Gary David
    David Deutscher
    Mr. Mark Dibner and Rachel Dibner
    Linda Gibboney
    Florence and Steven Goldby
    Hope and Osborne Hardison
    Donald R. Heye and Paula Heye
    Mr. Philip B. Johnson
    Karen Johnson-McKewan and Tom McKewan
    The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation
    Maureen and Jim Kearney
    Connie Kruse
    Kruttschnitt Family Fund
    Ruth and Jack Lemein
    Mary and David Love
    Chris and Denise Lundquist
    Robert Maearu and Yukiko Nakano
    Glen Mathison and Zoel Fages
    Ramona and John Mays
    William and Debbie McDonagh
    Sunny and Mark McKee
    Avid Modjtabai
    Anne Pattee
    Ann Petersen
    Henrica J. Poppelier
    Mark and Donna Rand
    Ms. Esther Rasmussen
    Kathryn Reavis and David Strohm
    J. Rise
    Eric Roberts/The Roberts Foundation
    Lorelei Rockwell and Wayne T. Kennedy
    Matthew and Yvonne Rogers
    The Schow Foundation
    Suki Shepard
    Beth and Mike Smylie
    Philip and Jean Warren
    Jeanne and Harold Williams
    Dr. Joan Woolard

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Protected Resources Circle

  • $1,000-$9,999
    Anonymous (29)
    Lynn Abess
    ACBL Charity Foundation
    Dr. Anurag Acharya and Dr. Madhuri Chattopadhyay
    Ian Agol and Michelle McGuinness
    Liana Genovesi and Scott Ahrendt
    The Winifred & Harry B. Allen Foundation
    Eric Anderson and Roger Beck
    Warren E. Anderson
    Patricia V. Angell
    Angora Ridge Foundation
    Linda Anthony
    Dr. Barbara S. Apgar
    Charlene Q. Arbogast, Ph.D.
    Edward and Sallie Arens
    Tena Arnesen
    Patricia Arrigoni
    Julie and Tom Atwood
    Sharon Aukerman
    Mary Bachman and William Downing
    Michael Bacon
    James Baer
    Bobbi and Rodney Baker
    Shelly Barbanica
    Muire Ellen Barrett-Warthan
    Michelle S. Barry Charitable Fund
    Lisa A. Bartlett
    Darla and Richard Bastoni
    Lorraine Bazan and Chris Stover
    Ms. Patricia Beall
    Barbara and David Beasley
    Dawn and Clive Beavis
    Ms. Sharon A. Beckman and Mr. Gregory N. Brand
    Rita Foegal Bell
    Pamela Bendich
    Paul and Mildred Berg
    Mr. Charles D. Berry
    David L. Berry and Kamala Geroux-Berry
    Ashish and Leslie Bhutani
    Bishop Pine Fund
    Kim Blake
    Walter J. Blatter and Tammy M. Chalmers
    Ricki Blau and William Reeves
    Susan Blomberg
    Jeanne Bobbitt
    Joanne and Merrill Bobele in memory of Heidi
    Jeff Boehm and Keith Rosenthal
    Stephen Boles
    Mark and Mary Bookman
    Michael Booth and Michael Oliva
    Andrea and Chris Borch
    Eloise Bouye
    Kerry J. Boyd
    Sandra E. Brawders
    Lisa A. Brewer and Gary Edwards
    Marjorie Brigadier
    Sharna Brockett
    Marlys Bromberg
    Dr. Steven Brook
    Karen Brown
    Amanda A. Bryan
    Suzanne Bull
    Donna Campbell
    Miranda and Andrew Carpenter
    Phil and Carol Carpenter
    Caryl Carr and David Presotto
    Kathy Carrai
    Steve and Angela Cartt
    Joanna Cassese
    Gloria M. Castillo
    John Catts and Sheila Roebuck
    Frank Caufield
    Kirsten Caufield
    The Glen and Angela Charles Family Foundation
    Helen E. Charpentier
    Catherine and Tony Chen
    Kelly Chessen
    Evelyn and Jim Chumbley
    Alice Church
    Stacey Citrin
    Ms. Robertta Clarke
    Shirley Llanos-Clayton and Scott G. Clayton
    Margaret Lopata and Don Cleveland
    Roland Cline and Mary Papenfuss
    Kathy and Bill Cohen
    Dr. and Mrs. Zorus P. Colglazier, M.D.
    Rebecca and John Colligan
    Rebecca and David Conant
    Brian Conner
    Wendie Cooper
    Ashley Copp
    Jean Coyne
    The Richard K. and Lois B. Craig Family Fund of the North Texas Community Foundation
    Diane Culbert
    Kristin Culp
    Steven Cummings and Ingrid Woods
    Dr. Deborah D. Cupal
    Linda Curtis
    Buzz and Cindy Danner
    Emily and Rob Davies
    Marie and Tony De Guzman
    Adelaide and Raymond Demere
    Barbara W. Deméré
    Suzanna and Christopher Derry
    Scott and Lisa Dettmer
    Brendan Dhein and Tamara Gober
    The Diffenbaugh Foundation
    Diane Diggins
    Sandy Diggins
    Susan and Wendell Dinwiddie
    Dan Dion
    Mrs. Del Donati
    Tom and Jodi Duckett
    Paul Duhamel
    Ms. Sherry E. Dunning-Riley
    Rear Admiral (Ret) and Mrs. Thomas Eccles
    Ms. Tara Butler Economakis
    Ralph S. Edler Fund
    Tad Egawa
    Donald Ellis
    Ms. Helen M. Embree
    Marion G. Euphrat
    Heather Evans
    Evim Foundation
    Tina and Bruce Fairbanks
    Ms. Jeselle Marie L. Falucho
    Gregory and Tressa Fanoe
    Ms. Nancy Fee
    Rosemary Fei and Gary Harrington
    Jennifer Felts
    Elizabeth and Randy Field
    Waltraud Finch
    Ms. Marjorie O. Follette
    Maxine and Richard Fong
    Mitchell Fong and Denise Walsh
    Rachel Formaro and Tom Formaro
    Ms. Jaya Francis
    David Frane and Charla Gabert
    Michelle and Robert Friend
    Justine Frischmann
    Andrew and Loretta Fu
    Ashley G Gable
    Ursula Gallichotte
    Carol and Ted Gamble
    Marilyn and Bob Garibaldi
    Denise Garner
    Al Garren Fund
    Ms. Michelina Gauthier
    Roxane Geggie
    Luigina C. Gianfala
    Gifford Family Foundation
    Danielle and Michael Gilmore
    Mr. Michael V. Ginn
    Michele Goins
    Theo Golden
    Danielle Goldman and Daniel Zach
    Mr. Jason E. Goldman
    Mr. Matthew W. Goldman
    David and Sherri Goldschmidt
    Suzanne Golt
    Peter and Kris Gordon
    Mr. Jon C. Graff
    Nina Grass
    Susan Grau
    C. M. Green
    The Greene Family
    The Grey Family Foundation
    Shirley and Lee Griffey - Griffey Family Fund
    Sara G. Griffith
    Mary Ann Griller
    C. Stephen Kriegh and Pamella S. Gronemeyer
    Nancy Grunbaum
    Keith and Elizabeth Grundy
    Edward H. and Virginia K. Gunst Foundation
    Vicki J. Gutgesell Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation
    Kim and D.M. Haas
    Patricia L. Hackemack
    Maureen Hackett
    Michael Hackett and David Hale
    Janet Haney
    Ms. Heather Hanly
    Vincent and Anne Hardy
    Patricia Harp
    Mr. Dewitt D. Harrelson
    George Hartz
    Suzanne A. Harvey
    Betty and William Hasler
    Margaret Hassett
    Dawn Hendry
    Ann Henning
    Anne M. Herbst
    Lynne Hermle and Craig Collins
    Colleen Heyer
    Lesly Higgins and Joseph Bunker
    Quinn Higgins
    Mr. Larry Hite
    Ken Hoffman
    John Holmes
    Margaret J. Holmes
    Jane and James Hopkins
    Sean Horan
    Steve Horowitz
    Daniel Houk and Jenny Buchanan
    Judith Howard
    Linda H. Huber
    Antonia Hussey
    David Hutchins
    Hutton Family Foundation
    Beth Inadomi and Tim Newell
    Mr. Ralph Izard
    Ms. Lynn B. Jacobson
    Daria Janese
    Cortney Jansen
    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Jensen
    Stan Jensen
    Dimitri Jobert
    Ms. Emi Jobling
    Robin and Robert Johansen
    Mitzi Johnson
    Alexandra Jones
    Bernard and Nancy Karwick
    Janey and Kevin Kaster
    Jeffrey Katz
    Carlyn Clement and Christopher Kaufman
    Judy Heymann Kazan & Steven Kazan
    Frank and Arlene Keesling
    Joan Keil
    Karen Kelley-Day
    Sean P. Kelly and Stephanie Egger
    Dr. Julie J. Kelsey
    Erika Kelton
    Kern Family Fund
    Barbara Kerr
    Jeanie and Murray Kilgour
    Sally and Philip Kipper
    Alexander Kirk
    Michael Kleeman
    Buddy Kleemeier
    H.G. "Buddy" Kleemeier
    Brian Kliment
    Suzanne and Jerry Knecht
    Sandy Knudsen
    Krystal and John Konrad
    Michael and Ina Korek
    Wayne and Ellen Krebs
    John Krogsrud
    Andrea and Kenneth Krueger
    Ann La Borde and Chester Simpson
    H.R. LaBar Family Foundation Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
    Nancy Lamb
    Diane Lane
    Dr. and Mrs. Roger Lang
    Sally Lappen and Nik Warren
    Kelly Larkan
    Karen Larsen
    Amy Larson and Robert Uhlaner
    Carmen M. Lasar
    Joanne L. Lasnier
    Benjamin Last and Julia Buck
    Craig Latker and Richard Denatale
    Jean Meredith Lattin
    Jennifer and Chuck Laue
    Carol and James Layne
    Pat and Melinda Leary
    Dr. Michael Lesh and Dr. Ann Kao
    Margaret Levine
    Joan S. Lewis
    Maribeth Lewis and Visoth Chhiap
    Harold and Judith Lichterman
    Paul and Aren Lindstrom
    Janet B. Lockard
    Victoria Logan Wright
    Christa Lopez
    Jon and Gale Love
    Ms. Diane M. Luders
    Margareta Luff
    Carma Luskin
    Liz and Mel Lyman
    Catherine and Richard MacDonald
    Chris and Susan MacDonald
    Douglas Magowan
    Noreen Mahoney
    Jack Mahrt
    Marilyn Makepeace
    Elizabeth and Donald Manning
    Ms. Bobbi Marchand
    Ross and Evan Martin
    Doretta and Robert Marwin
    Susan Mathison
    Rich Matzinger
    John Mayhew
    Ms. Jennifer Jordan McCall
    John McCall
    Maureen McClain
    Jennifer McComb
    Dr. James R. McCurdy, M.D.
    Debra and Tom McDonald
    Kathy McElligott
    William McLarty
    John McQuown
    Robert and Denise Meeks
    Chris Meikle
    Kenneth and Vera Meislin
    Nancy L. Merchant
    Margareta Merry
    Frank and Danny Miller
    Teri and Dennis Miller
    Milligan Family Foundation
    Linda and Michael Minor
    Gary and Gloria Modrell
    Steve and Cynthia Molino
    Donna Mollenhauer
    Ms. Jeanne Montague
    Jim and Susanne Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Morgens
    Jade Moser
    Mitchell and Denice Moughon
    Nancy Moyle
    Rebecca Moyle and Tyler Lange
    Patricia Nakano
    Andrew Nance and James Maloney
    Matthew Naythons
    Mr. Brian Neece and Ms. Shafia Zaloom
    The Dorothy A. Nelson Charitable Trust
    Steve Nichols
    Thomas and Anne Niesen
    Nancy and Matthew Noel
    Roger and Ann Noll
    Carolyn Novosel and Michael Smart
    Dorothy Orolin
    Olivia Orr
    Overbrook Family Advised Fund/Uroboros Fund
    Mary Lynne Oxford
    Lisa Pantages
    Lea C. Park
    Barbara Parkening
    Dorothy Patapoff
    Maria Paterno
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Patterson, Jr.
    Sandra Patterson
    Tammy and James Patton
    Marian Pawlick and the Mason Foundation
    Arlene Peacock
    Richard E. and Jane L. Peattie
    Eileen and Phillips Perkins
    Serena Perkins
    Karen and Steven Petak
    Bonnie and Joseph Phair
    Phalarope Fund
    Andrea and Pat Phelps
    Philip and Sally Charitable Fund
    Mr. Constantin E. Philipps
    Jean E. Pickering and Suzanne Kehde
    Mrs. G. B. Platt
    Jaume Pons
    Janice Post-White and Duane E. White
    Jeffrey Price
    Theo Ragan
    Gordon R. Ray, M.D.
    David Redfearn and Carol Reinhardt
    Christina Reuser
    Guy and Karen Reynolds
    Sylvia L. Reynolds
    Donald A. Rhoades Family Foundation
    June Richard
    Julie and Martin Richards
    Sheree J. Rife and Stephanie McAuliffe
    Douglas Rigg
    Jen Rios
    Mr. Richard K. Robbins
    Katherine Robertson
    Stephen and Beth Robie
    Eddie Robinson
    The Robison Family Foundation
    Ms. Debra Rogers
    Patricia A. Rogers
    Yvonne Rojas
    Jane Rosenberg
    Lisa and Dan Rosenfield
    Burton and Teresa Rosensweig
    Carla Roth and David G. Nasaw
    Patricia and Glenn Rudebusch
    Grace Ruggiero and Dr. Ronald J. Ruggiero
    Catherine Ruperti
    Susanna G. Russo, DVM
    Pamela and William Sagan
    Christi and Tim Saltonstall
    Santen Incorporated
    Ugo M. Sap
    Ms. Margaret Schadt
    Kurt Scheidt
    Yvonne Schell and Steve Miller
    Judy Shultz and Glenna Dowling
    Michelle Schwartz
    Stephanie Schwarz
    Walter and Suzanne Scott
    Stefanie Scruggs and Beau Mitchell
    Martha Seaver
    Richard See
    Stacy L. Serber, Ph.D.
    Joyce Seymour
    Arnold and Karen Shapiro
    Susan and Gary Shapiro
    Cindy and Denis Shepherd
    The Sher-Right Fund
    Susan and Greg Sickal
    Jill & Richard Sideman
    Julie and David Siegel
    Carol and John Simon
    Georgia Simon
    Tracey Simpson
    Anna and Don Slawsky
    Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smalley
    Scott and Carol Sokol
    Ms. Patricia Solomon
    Mary G. Souza
    Jill Spicer
    Jennifer and Matt Spring
    Barbara Squarey
    Haidee Stade Fiduciary Trust
    Keith and Maria Stephens
    Frances Stevenson
    Amy Stone and Chris Stone
    Karen Strand Gift Fund
    Ms. Deborah W. Stratmann
    Megan Anne Stull
    Jerry and Judy Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan and Cyndy Johnsen
    Anna Sweeney and Brett Crockett
    Swete Family Fund
    Teresa Szymczak
    Beverly Tanner and Jerry Herman
    J. Holley Taylor
    Scott and Patricia Teaford
    Harrison F. Tempest
    Richard and Christina Thalheimer
    Jean S. Thomas
    Tamyra Thomas
    Melissa and Thomas Thornhill
    Jane Thornton
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tornberg
    TOSA Foundation
    Bess Touma
    Stephanie Travis
    Michael and Shirley Traynor
    Marguerite and Peter Trethewey
    Jim and Karen Truettner
    Turner-Gilliland Family Fund
    Wes and Stephanie Tydlaska
    Katharine Tyson
    Lori Vadnais
    Richard and Kate Vance
    Vanderpoel Conservation Foundation
    Ellen Ann Venton
    Karyn and Eber Verhovsek
    Kirsten and Kevin Vernon
    Mrs. Kathryn and Mr. Robert Vizas
    Jennifer and John Vogel
    Deborah and Bruce Wagman
    Rosemary Wakeham
    Jeanne Walker Harvey
    Laurel S. Walsh
    Ana and W. Weidner
    Elizabeth Weinhold
    Kathryn D. Weinrichter and Leonard Sundeen
    Mr. Joseph A. Wender, Jr.
    Thomas and Jennifer Werbe
    Minott and Ashley Wessinger
    Janet Whatmough
    The White Family Revocable Trust
    Daniel and Julie White
    Lynn White
    Kai Whittier
    Ryan Hale Whittier
    Ron Will
    Donna L. Williams
    Diane B. Wilsey
    Bob Wilson
    Kathryn Winter
    Eli Wise
    Marjorie S. Wolf
    Barbara Wolfe
    Susan Wood
    Mr. Philip M. Wright and Mrs. Penelope J. Wright
    Carol Wulff
    Jerilynn Young and Derrick Jensen
    Paige Young
    Kathryn Yulish
    Zee Zaballos
    James Andrew Zurn
    Paul and Suzanne Zuzelo

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Steller Legacy Circle

Anonymous (24)
Suzanne Abel
Viki Adam
Lawrence Adams
Liana Genovesi and Scott Ahrendt
Gay Albanese
Mary Allen
Jean Amos
Dale A. Anania
Lucinda Anskin
Helga Ashkenaze
Mary Bachman and William Downing
Uma Balakrishnan
Doreen Baleria
Susan Albro Barkan
Juliana Barr
Mary Barr
Sandra Barth
Barbara and David Beasley
Mr. Darren Beaty
Rita Foegal Bell
Sheri and Robert Bell
Cynthia Benner
Paul and Mildred Berg
Robert T. Biby
Renate and Donald Bixby
Lauren and John Black
Jeanne Bobbitt
Gordon Boone
Donna Borok-Moss
Karen D Bosko
Kerry J. Boyd
Sandra E. Brawders
Natasha Brenner
Kathleen and Nathan Brigger
Lynne and Dave Briscoe
Dr. John C. Bruckman
Waltraud and Michael Buckland
Lolly Burke
Richard and Christy Burke
Lou Ella Burmeister
Susan Burns
Barbara Busch
Mariateresa Canosa
Robert Caradien
Karen Carr
Maria E. Carrasco
Shirley Carson
Joanna Cassese
Gloria M. Castillo
John Catts and Sheila Roebuck
Ms. Tammy A. Cheeseman
Joan Christenberry
Ms. Jeanette Clark
Rebecca and David Conant
Gale Connolly
Joshua and Aline Copp
Dr. David Coulson
Elena Court
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crain
Hazel J. Crane
Sharon Culp
Sue and Daniel Curran
Judy Davis
Lee Desta
Lyla A. Devita and Marguerite Donaldson
Diane Diggins
Tim Dimacchia
Elizabeth O. Dohrmann
Robert and Lila Dolan
Ann Domm
George and Laura Dora
Bonnie L. Doran
Candy Doran
The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust
Ms. Marianne Duggal
Lyn Carol Dunn
Ms. Sherry E. Dunning-Riley
Constance Edwards
Patricia Edwards
Diane Ellsworth
June England
Dr. Eva M. Escobedo and Dr. John C. Hunter
Veronica Espada
Heather Evans
Mark Evans
Frances Ezer
Margaret Louise Falk
Shotsy Faust
Judy Feil
Chuck and Pat Finney
Mitchell Fong and Denise Walsh
Mrs. Catherine Brooks Fox
Jacqueline Frazier
Portia Freese
Marian Gallerani
Carol and Ted Gamble
Shirley J. Garver
Joann Gayuski
Cheryl and Derlin German
Arlette and Nick Gerson
Ms. Loretta M. Giorgi
Andria Glassman
Karla Golden
Lawrence Goldyn and Ronald N. Campbell
Suzanne Golt
Susan Gray
Lynn Griffin
Mary Ann Griller
Vicki J. Gutgesell
Pamela Jane Hadfield
Elaine Halliday
Carol Hankins
Jacki Hardy
Hildegard Harris
George Harter
Betty and William Hasler
Jacqueline and Eugene Haunch
Virginia Hawley
Roberta Heiden
Paul Herbst
Bruce and Joan Herriges
Kitty Hightower
Sally Holt
Catherine Hoss
Michele and Bill Hunnewell
Antonia Hussey
Jamie Jaffee
Stan Jensen
Camille and Robert Johnson
Marcine M. Johnson, Ph.D.
Karen Johnson-McKewan and Tom McKewan
Ms. Mary Jope
Doreen Judson
Pamela Kahn
Debora Kane - Tom Whitaker Trust
Ellie Kass
Cindy Kaye
Pauline Kayes
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kendall
Suzanne Knecht
Thomas Kowalski
Antoinette and Stephen Krajcar
Ilona Kratz
Barbara Krekeler
Ann Kugel
Gary Kwan
Carmen M. Lasar
Edward Van Der Linden and Jane Latham
Jean Meredith Lattin
Meredith Lattin, LCSW
Catherine and Collin Lau
Kathy Lazzaro
Barbara Legler
Nancy Lenzer
Allan and Ethel Lerche
Douglas Levison
Ruth Levitan
Margaret Levy
Cheryl Lewis
Susan Lilley
Charles and Sharon Lindner
Paul and Aren Lindstrom
Kathie Long
Mary and David Love
Teri Loveland
Jeanne Lucenti
Carma Luskin
Charles Macdonald
Christian D. MacDonald
Leslie Mackay and Paul Sheridan
Cinnie and Merrill Magowan
Cecily and David Majerus
Mr. Andre Malouf
Peter and Amy Mangarella
Kristen Mansel
Rose Markowitz
Ms. Virginia Marques
Helen and Daniel Marshall
Greg Martin
Doretta and Robert Marwin
Susan Mathison
Ruth Mattes
Jorie B. McCarthy
Dinah McClure
Celeste McConnach
Joseph McCrane
Sunny and Mark McKee
Alice Mead
Ramon and Margaret Meek
Eileen Metzger
Loraine Meyer
Agnes M. Miller
Jerry and Nancy Mix
Gary and Gloria Modrell
Anne Moody and Michael Moody
Jennifer Murer
Gertrude Musey
Haiya Naftali
Robert Maearu and Yukiko Nakano
Gloria Nelson
Janet Nelson
Michael Neyman
Donald J. Nolan
Joyce and Mohsen Noori
Jill North
Olivia Orr
Priscilla Palomino
Libby Pannwitt
Jamie Pardau
The Pauley Family Trust and Foundation, Jeanne E. Pauley, TTEE
Rita Peters
Jayne Phelps
James and Pamela Pinkston
Lauretta Prestera and Ken Hackett
Mr. Donald E. Pringle
Rebecca Prosser
William and Patricia Muraoka-Quinn
Mr. Kevin Rabe
Mark and Donna Rand
Robert and Vicki Rawlings
Gordon R. Ray, M.D.
Bonnie and Laurence Rhodes
Tanya Richardson
Roberta Rigney
Jen Rios
Patricia and Glenn Rudebusch
Steven Russ
Mary Ryan
Ms. Margaret Schadt
Madeleine Schlemmer
Ruth Schlossberg
Nancy Schoellkopf
James Schollard
Donna Seid
Janine Shafer
Susan and Gary Shapiro
Marguerite Sheffler
Suki Shepard
Heidi Munzinger and John Shott
Sylvia Siegel
Nancy and Phil Sikora
Tracey Simpson
Kimberly Smith
Beth and Mike Smylie
Sharon Solomon
Mary G. Souza
Miss Jacquelyn St John
Sandra Stauffer
Linda and Joe Stockhus
Amy Stone and Chris Stone
Eric Strand
Sheri Sun
Arthur Taber
Linda Tabor-Beck
Beverly Tanner and Jerry Herman
Jan Taradash
Scott and Patricia Teaford
Ms. Deborah Tencza
Terri Tienken
Sara Tischler
Barbara and Donald Tornberg
Bess Touma
Lillian Tucker
Julie S. Turner and Erica Worthington
Wes and Stephanie Tydlaska
Dana Van Eperen
Richard and Kate Vance
Mr. & Mrs. Jackson Vandenboss, Jr.
Linda and Terry Vetter
Shirley and Herman Victor
Julie Vida and Mark Tabb
Rita Fraser Videtic
Jennifer and John Vogel
Jeff and Dana Wagner
Ms. Mary J. Waters
Lee and Bill Webber
Elizabeth Fabry Weinhold
Donald West
Jan Widdowson
Stephanie and Kim Wigton
Stephen Williams
Jane Williamson
Elizabeth Willson
Bob Wilson
Stan Wilson and Caryn Wilson
Bonnie Zoe Winn
Barbara Woodhill
Catherine S. Woods
Deborah Wyatt and Andree Hest
Gary York
Ms. Rita K. Yost
Birdie Zitnick

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Kellan Circle

  • $500-$999
    Anonymous (61)
    Suzanne Abel
    Viki Adam
    Barbara L. Adams
    Deborah Addicott
    The Adler Goldberg Family Fund
    Mr. Alan J. Adler and Mrs. Irene B. Adler
    Robin Agarwal
    Alice Ainsworth
    Ann G. Albani
    Christian Alegria
    Roberto Aliberti and Kathleen Aliberti
    Stacy Alldredge
    Mary Allen
    Jill Allread and Family
    Michael Anthenien
    Tom Antisdel
    James and Daphne Araujo
    Peter Ardito
    Ingeborg Armstrong
    John and Marlene Arnold
    Donna and Larry Aronson
    Laurie Ashley
    Antonella Aste
    Georgene Aster
    Gay and Alan Auerbach
    Helen Bacon
    The Bailitz Family
    Uma Balakrishnan
    Jack Bank
    Linda Barnello
    Julie Barney
    Mary Barr
    Michael and Linda Barry
    Paul Bartlett and Yumi Nakagawa
    Barulich-Jacobsen Family
    Lou Ann Bassan and Larry Klingenberg
    Cathy and Lee Battles
    Kurt Bauer
    Gary and Laurie Baum
    Lee D. Baxter
    William Bazzetta
    Jan Beatty
    Larry Bodiford and Jeanne Beauchel-Bodiford
    Donna Bebb
    Terri and Steve Belsley
    Douglas Bender
    Lori and Matt Beninger
    Joseph and Sandra Bennett
    The Berg Family
    John Berge
    Robert and Wendy Bergman
    Eileen Bermingham and Susan Comstock
    Debra Bernard
    Wendy B. Bernstein
    Mary Betlach
    Robert T. Biby
    Nelson and Alice Bickers
    Cindy Biehler
    Lauren and John Black
    Ronald Bloomstran
    John Bockoven
    Florent Boico and Laura Christian
    Valerie Boquet
    Kimberly Borden
    Robert Bosch
    Bill Bowker
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bradley
    Norm Brand and Nancy Spero
    J. Wayne and Elaine Brasseaux
    Bernard and Joelle Brasseur
    Ida Braun
    Melody Breen
    Kristina Brennan
    Laura Brewer
    Anne Briggs
    Susan and Ron Briggs
    Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden
    Maryanne Britten
    Louis Brock
    Cynthia Bronaugh
    Hans Peter, Julie and Hanna Brondmo
    Douglas Brookes
    Brooks Family Fund
    Stephen Brosseau
    Jeff A. Brown
    Rebecca Brubaker
    Josh Sacks & Suzie Bruch Fund
    Elizabeth Brunner
    Mary Bucholtz
    Judith Buckingham Perlstein
    Keith Buckingham
    Waltraud and Michael Buckland
    Ms. Sharon Budde
    Terri and Ted Bumgardner
    Lisa Burkheimer
    Keith Burton
    Lorna and Warren Byrne
    The Cabrera Family
    Elissa Callman and Diane Callman
    Elisa Camahort
    Amanda Sue Carlisle
    Mary Carter
    Pete Cartwright
    John and Theresa Cederholm
    Sandra and Allen Chaikin
    Ms. Anne Chaitin
    Gordon Chamberlain
    Debra and Tommy Chambers
    Roger Chamusco
    Sheung Chan
    Ms. Tammy A. Cheeseman
    Kimberly Christensen and David Sielaff
    Joanne Cirocco
    Mike and Cindy Civiello
    Paul Clauss
    Mark Cocalis and Lisa Ann Erburu
    Dr. Vicki L. Coe
    Arnold and Evelyn Cohen
    Jordan and Elizabeth Cohen
    Rolando Cohen
    Seth Cohen
    Steven Cohen
    Donald and Nancy Colberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Colby
    Katherine Conrad
    Martin F. N. Cooper
    Nancy Corley
    Catherine Corten
    Dorothy Cournale
    Russell Cox
    Mr. and Mrs. Cracchiolo
    Nancy Craig
    Ruth Craig
    Hazel J. Crane
    Mark Creeley
    Kathleen Cullen
    Linda Dabrowski
    Ms. Hilary Danehy and Zaki Alherz
    Karen Daniels
    Lindsey Davidson
    Brian H. Davis
    Ms. Catherine Davis
    Grace Davis
    Lynden Davis
    Bunny Dawson
    Chris and Elizabeth Dawson
    Robert and Flora Day
    Hilarie De Groot
    Werner De Gruyter
    Charles de Guigne
    Blair Dean and Josephine Cooter
    Andrew R. Demar Family Foundation, Inc.
    Sharon and Kirch DeMartini
    Jennifer Depew
    Carolyn Dewey
    Mr. Debashis Dhar and Devyani Biswas
    Ronald and Kristin Dick
    Mr. Timothy Dick
    Jason Dilly
    Judith Disbrow
    Peter DiVincenzo
    The Dohrmann Family
    Ann Domm
    Pat Dornan and Linda Pereira
    Mr. Dennis Dougherty
    John and Judith Douw
    Mike and Connie Dowler
    Ed and Joyce Drake Family Fund
    Michelle Driscoll
    Ms. Marianne Duggal
    Janet Dupuy
    Wayne Dyer
    Dr. Sharon L. Eaton
    Ms. Elizabeth Eddy
    Anne and Jim Edwards
    Patricia Edwards
    Kathy Ellison
    Tina Engel
    Dennis Ertsman
    Dr. Eva M. Escobedo and Dr. John C. Hunter
    Sharon and Samuel Esterkyn
    Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Feehan
    Katharine Feidler
    Paula C. Lowe and Richard F. Ferraro
    Richard Ferrie
    Bessie L. Fickel
    Jacqueline Fidanza
    Mr. and Mrs. B. Mason Flemming, Jr.
    Dr. Henry E. Fourcade and Mrs. Myrna P. Fourcade
    Nancy G. Frakes
    Louise Frankel
    Christine Frazee
    Glenda Freberg
    Eric Olson and Susan A. Freiwald
    Dr. Raymond and Catherine Frink
    Nancy Frost
    Jeanice and Jason Fuchs
    Joel and Brenda Fugazzotto
    Marlene K. Funk
    Trish Fuzesy and Jon Krueger
    Kathleen Gabel
    Barbara Gain
    Phyllis Gallaway
    Carol and Anthony Gallegos
    Ray and Jaci Gamaza
    Joan Getsinger
    Behnoush M Ghomi
    Jennifer Gibson
    Roger Gies in memory of Julia Chitwood
    Jessica Gilmartin
    Hilary and Skyles Glann
    Cheryl Glick
    Dave Godwin
    Karla Golden
    Lisa K. Goldman
    Linda Goldstone and Jerry Goldstone, M.D.
    Ms. Nancy Goler
    Janice Gonsalves
    Mrs. Maria Gonzalez
    Dr. Shelley M. Gordon and Mr. Thomas Camp
    Geoffrey Gosling
    Brian Gothberg
    Michael and Cinda Gough
    Robert and Marcia Gould
    Patrice Gouveia
    Mathew A. Grant
    Lumina Greenway
    Jerry and Vivian Grenier
    The Gress Family
    James and Ellen Griffith
    Douglas Grijalva
    Susan Grisso
    Gina Gualtiere
    Ted and Rebecca Guarino
    Robert Guenley
    Ellen Hall
    Deborah and Donald Halliday
    Allen Hallock
    Moira Hanes and Marco Krapels
    Ryan Haney
    Douglas T. Hanks, M.D.
    Sean and Tara Hanlon
    Kelly Harcourt
    Peggy Harrington
    Agata Harris, and Paul and Ellen M. Peraino
    Lawrie Harris
    Mrs. Charlotte Harriss
    Kathryn Hart
    Jay Hartly
    Ms. Kathleen Hartnett
    Richard and Wendy Hasselman
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hatch
    Jesse R. Hatton, Jr.
    Dolores L. Hawke
    Ms. Christine B. Hayes
    Mrs. John Hays
    Marina Heatzig
    Raina Hellmuth
    Nanette Henneuse
    Keith Henrickson
    Theodore and Maryann Henson
    Ron and Cheryl Hermansen
    Robert Herrick
    Bruce and Joan Herriges
    Lesli Hewitt-Spears
    G.L. Higuera
    Timothy Hill
    Joan and John Hines
    Myron Hinrichs, DVM
    Marina Ho
    Sandy Hoang
    Mrs. Margaret Hodgkins
    Susan Hoeschler
    Sandra and Howard Hoffen
    Sally Holt
    Nancy and John Hoogendyk
    Melissa and James Hook
    Helen Hooper McCloskey
    Chris Hopkins
    Teri Horswell
    Julie and Gregg Hosfeldt
    William L. Hudson
    Dr. Jeannette Hung
    Michele and Bill Hunnewell
    Joshua Hutchins
    Joseph Hyde
    Judyth Hyll
    Ms. Linda Illsley
    Marjory Ingersoll
    Carol and Brian Irvine
    Victoria Jacobson
    Joyce and Keith James
    Scott Beth and Keith Jantzen
    Lee and Wini Jebian
    Lisa Jeffrey
    Denise John
    In Memory of Mark Johnson
    Sally Johnson
    Kyle Jones
    The Jones-Smith Foundation
    Sara Jorgensen
    Peter Joseph
    Doreen Judson
    Diana Jun
    Jaclyn and Larry Kaier
    Emiko Kaji and Peter Lewis
    Sharon Kalin
    Debora A. Kane
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kane
    Lloyd and Joan Kapp
    Chris Karlof and Monica Chew
    Nicholas Karoutsos and Ashley Wakefield
    David Kaye
    Maria Kazandjieva
    James Keefe and Lorna Lee
    Stan Keiser
    Consuelo Kellogg
    Todd Kelting and Melissa Neiman-Kelting
    Roberta Kemmerer
    Carol and Gary Kerbel
    Pamela Ketzel
    Joan Keyes
    Fran King
    Laura King
    Eugenie Kirk
    Diana Kissil and John Cullison
    Lyn and Don Klein
    Joyce and Robert Kleiner
    Theresa Klusendorf
    Tom and Jahanna Knight
    Belinda Knochel
    Cindy Knoebel
    Ralph Koo
    Christine Koski
    Gail Koza
    Linda and Timothy Kramer
    Ellen and Ron Krasnow
    Cheryl and Grady Kromer
    Michelle Krumland
    Jerome Kruszka
    Susan Kurtz
    Teresa Kurtz
    Shyam Kuttikkad
    Michael Labrie and Padraig Duignan
    James A. Lafferty and Charlotte A. Lafferty
    Mary Lou Lafler
    Dr. Michael D. Lagios
    Dana Landis
    Kathryn Lang
    Myra R. Lang
    Valerie I. Lang
    James Lanier
    Marie-Nicole Lapeyrade
    Suttirat Larlarb
    Greg LaRow
    Leona and George Lauder
    Matt Lavine
    Rosalie Layton
    Kathy Lazzaro
    Michael Leavitt
    Irene Lee
    Patricia Lee
    Renate Lee
    Kathleen A. LeGrand
    Jeffrey and Lara Lehmer
    Patricia A. Leighfield
    Mary and Gerald Lellouche
    Marianne Lent
    Allan and Ethel Lerche
    Ms. Diane E. Levy
    Julia Lewis
    Pam Lewis
    Vanessa, Max, Warren and Grazyna Lieberman
    Lorna Lindsay
    Peter Ralston and Pattie Litton
    Tom and Gail Litwiler
    Chiung-Huei Liu
    Sharon Liu
    David and Diane Logan
    Norman and Marie Lomas
    Andrea London
    Kathie Long
    Bill and Edy Loorz
    Adele Lopez
    Mikhail Lotvin
    Garrett D. Loube and Marcia A. Rodgers
    Cathleen Loudon
    John Lovejoy
    Pamela Lowry
    Satoko Luba
    Laura Lubin
    Janet and Jacklyn MacKenzie
    Ms. Marcy Mackinnon
    Christine Macomber
    Joan Maguire
    Theodore Mah
    Shana Mahaffey
    Denise and Elliott Main Family Foundation
    Sarah Malarkey
    Margaret Mannion
    Christina Marasco
    Barbara and Fillmore Marks
    Christopher Martin
    Michael Martin
    Redge and Carole Martin
    Sheila Martin-Stone
    Doris R. Marx
    Carole and Lloyd Mason
    Sasha Match and Randy Sloan
    Alan C. Mathewson
    Mrs. Ruth Mattes
    Henry and Henrietta Matuszewski
    The May Foundation
    Russell McCann
    Donna McCrwady
    Patricia McGinnis
    Mrs. Beverley J. McGraw
    Ms. Susan E. McKenzie
    Ann McKillop
    Roberta McKinney
    Barbara McNamer
    Alice Mead
    John Medway
    Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund
    Alan and Peggy Merriam
    Gabrielle Merritt
    Eileen Metzger
    Yolande Michaels
    Timothy and Beth Mickelson
    Rebecca and Frederic Mikulec
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon Miller
    Ms. Leni Miller
    Marije Miller
    John and Gayle Minkler
    Edward Mittelstaedt
    Jennifer Mo
    Susan Mokelke
    Patricia Montgomery
    Simone Moorstein
    Jennifer and Michael Moran
    Mr. Mariano F. Moreno, III
    Charlotte Morrison
    Ms. Judy A. Morrison
    Kathleen E. Mulaney
    Katharine Mulvany
    Nicole Murch
    Jennifer Murer
    Timur Murodshoev
    Katherine Murphy
    Victoria Murray
    Gertrude Musey
    Danielle Myers
    Laura Narron
    Cathy Netz
    Savvy and Jazzie Newton
    Mr. Michael Neyman
    Jennifer Ng
    Ms. Angela Nguyen-Dinh
    Linda Nicholes
    Larry and Pamela Nichols
    Ronald F. Nichols and Maureen A. Nichols
    John Nickel
    Mrs. Suzanne K. Nieburgs
    Dr. Nathan Nielsen
    Ms. Heidi Nitze
    Mrs. Andrea L. Noble
    James F. Noonan
    John Nordwall, DVM
    Elizabeth Noronha
    Ms. Dorothy J. Norris
    Don and Diana Nunemaker
    Oak School Students
    Nancy O'Brien
    Ruth M. Ocheltree
    John Odell
    Karen Offereins
    Michael and Simona O'Hare
    Ron and Cindy Olander
    Sue and Tim Olson
    Lynne Onak
    Erwin Ordeman
    Patricia O'Reilly
    Scott and Susan Orr
    Elizabeth Orser-Cataldi and Richard Orser
    Mr. Steve Victor Ginsberg and Ms. Ingrid Malia Overgard
    Carmel Pacheteau
    David and Kirsten Parker
    Gloria Patton
    Robert and Patricia Paul
    The Pauley Family Trust and Foundation, Jeanne E. Pauley, TTEE
    Dennis Payne
    Ms. Mercedes Paz
    Michelle Peacock and David Boarini
    Lorraine Pehoushek
    Amanda and Patrick Pekin
    Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier
    Jane Pepe
    Dana Pepp
    Dawn and Robert Pereira
    Roland Pesch
    Geoffrey Peters
    Pam and Jerome Petrie
    Cynthia Pett Dante
    Nancy Pettengill
    Nancy A. Petty
    Regina Phelps
    Liz Phillips
    Rudy and Patricia Phillips
    Cynthia Pierce
    Ms. Susan K. Plath
    Eric Platt
    Suzanne C. Podegracz
    Renee and Robert Poirier-Pound
    Carolyn and Gary Pomerantz
    Barbara Poppe
    Ranel and Steven Porter
    Aubrey Preble
    Rita and Michael Press
    Barbara Price
    Zdena B. Price
    Paul Proett
    Ms. Laurel Przybylski
    Richard and Patricia Puccio
    Melissa Quinn
    Elizabeth Rahn
    Marjorie Randolph
    Cynthia Rask
    Susan Ray
    Andrew and Ann Reid
    Justin Reinheimer
    Ms. Barbara Reparaz
    Maggee Revenko
    Joanne Rhinehart
    Charles Rice
    Jim and Anna Richards
    Patricia Richardson
    Heather Richman
    James Rickard and Nicole Mettler
    Marci Ring
    Ms. Cecelia Rios
    Claudia and Lee Rismiller
    Ann Ritter
    Deborah Robbins
    Christina Robinson
    Ina Robinson
    Marilyn Robinson
    Tom and Rita Robinson
    Colonel and Mrs. William Robison, USAF (Ret)
    Pamela Roby
    Heather Rock
    James W. Rockafellow and Marcia Macellini
    Stanley and Jennifer Roe
    Whitney Roland
    Sofie Romatzick
    Debra Rose
    Jonathan and Carole Rosenberg
    Sandra Rosenblum and Peter Spiro
    Mr. Anton B. Rosenthal
    Alyson and Cecil Rossi
    Patricia Roth
    Robyn Ruggles
    Ms. Julie B. Rust and Mr. Sly J. Randolph
    M. Duane Rutledge
    J. Stuart and Sarah Wright Ryan
    Ms. Tina M. Salandra
    Nicolas Salzano
    Marie L. Sarrica and Richard Turegano
    Thomas A. Savignano
    Mr. Frank Scafani
    Katharina Scharruhn
    Lucinda Scheer
    David Scheff
    Lynda and Larry Scheibel
    Laurel Scheinman
    Peter Schick
    Deborah Schide
    Angela Schillace
    Marcia and Nathaniel Schmelzer
    Linda Schmidt
    Jeanette Schneider
    Nancy Schoellkopf
    Ted and Amy Schulze
    Karin E. Schwab
    Patricia Schwartz
    Diane M. Schwarz
    Elizabeth Schweinsberg
    Shirley Scofield
    Christine Scott
    Norma and Charles Scott
    Carmen and Bruce Selfridge
    Ms. Charlene Selle
    Mary Severson
    Anne Seymour
    Joyce Seymour
    Ms. Maura C. Shannon and Maria M. Shutter
    Catherine Sharpe
    Albert and Alexandrea Shen
    Dr. Barry Sheppard
    The Sherwin Family
    Jessica Sheu and Todd Poynor
    William Shewry
    David Shiell
    Helen Shin
    Sherry Shirkey and W.P. Layne
    John and Heidi Shott
    Sandy and Cindy Sigal
    Rosanne Siino
    Joshua Silverman
    Mrs. Lyn Sinko
    David and Inga Sleeth
    Melanie and Jim Sloane
    Leigh Smith
    L. J. Smith
    Marcia Smythe
    Archie Soden
    Sharon Solomon
    Ken and Diana Sopjes
    Dianne and Bruce Spaulding
    Jacqueline and David Spielberg
    Mr. Cyrus W. Spurlino and Mrs. Joanne Spurlino
    Nicolette and Lindo St. Angel
    Henry Stauffer
    K. A. Steadman
    Carla and Charles Stedwell
    Michael Steele
    Sara Steelman
    Marc Steinberg and Maria Day
    David Stevens
    Fred W. Stevens
    John and Michael Stiehler
    Sarah Stinnett
    Margaret Stone
    Rhom Stone
    Storkan Family
    Jordy and Hilary Strain
    Patricia and Marc Strohlein
    Robert Strouse
    Margaret and Peter Sullivan
    Julie Summers
    Steve and Bryce Sumnick
    Sheri Sun
    Albert Susor
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sutro, Jr.
    Sandra Swanson
    Gail Swarbrick
    Louise Swig
    Steven Szalay
    Irene Szente
    Dana Talise
    Kerry Tate
    Margaretta Taylor
    Laura Teasley
    Robert and Dianne L. Tecco
    Judith Teitler
    Mira Terdiman
    Mr. Anthony Teresa
    Ms. Pamela Thistlethwaite
    Alexandra Thomas
    Chris and Donna Thomas
    Charles Thompson Fund
    Kimberly Thompson
    Ruth and David Thompson
    Harry and Molly Thorpe
    Terri Tienken
    Marissa and Daniel Timm
    Caroline Tjengdrawira
    Jenee Todd
    Trilogy Architecture
    Thomas P. Trimble
    Danielle Tsi
    Angela Tucker
    Marla and Gregory Turek
    Janet and Peter Turnbull
    Mark Kimmey and Alice Underwood
    W. Sloan Upton
    Ann Ure
    Melinda and Vahid Vahedi
    Marck and Vaisman Vaisman
    Dr. Bruce and Grace Valentine
    Marta Van Loan
    Johanna Vandermolen
    Mary Ann Vasconcellos
    Paul and Wendy Velaski
    Kay Vernor
    Karen L. Verrico
    James Vestal
    Linda and Terry Vetter
    John and Marie Violet
    Susan Virta
    Nancy Vlassis
    Frederick and Francesca Voegelin
    Dennis Wagner
    Diane Wagner and Grant Wagner
    Anne-Marie and David Walker
    Katherine C. Walker
    Ms. Mary Wand
    Janice Watkins
    Sara Watkins
    Meredith and Jeff Watts
    Marian Webster
    Alice Weigel
    Elaine J. Weihman
    Ricki Weinberger and Alan Willson
    Lori Weingant
    Robert Weisblatt
    Dr. Sandra J. Weiss
    Carla Wenzel
    Christina West
    Jacqueline Whelan
    Connie M. White
    Jeremy White
    Mani White
    Ceil A. Whitney
    Malcolm and Julie Whyte
    Suzanne and Mark Wieland
    George Williams
    Stewart Williams
    Dawn Williamson
    Lara and Scott Williamson
    Mary Willoughby
    David Wilson
    Iain and Leilani Wilson
    William and Diane Wilson
    Steven and Maureen Wincor
    Matthew Winters
    Janne and William Wissel
    Carole Wong
    Julie Wong
    Stephanie Wong
    Lynn Worley
    Chul Yang
    Dr. Kenneth Yates
    Martin and Margaret Zankel
    Ms. Anna M. Zara and Mr. Robert M. English
    Barbara Zotz

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