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Ocean Ambassadors Application

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*Applicant Name:
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*Anticipated number of classes in
2019/2020 academic year:
*Anticipated number of students per class in
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*Please include a brief (3-4 sentence) bio about yourself, share how long you have been teaching middle school science, and your connection to the ocean:
*Additional subjects taught:

*Teachers attending professional development sessions is a core requirement for participating in the Ocean Ambassadors program and we do our best to make these as accessible as possible. We can offer daytime, evening, and weekend options for the professional development sessions and can cover substitute fees if that is a barrier to participation. Please share what your availability is to attend these:

*Please describe any field trips you already take students on including where and when in the year you do them. Include to the best of your ability, any field trips that students might go on for different subjects or related field trips for other grade levels:

School Profile Information
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*Principal/Director Name: 
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*English Language Learner Percentage: 
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*Demographic breakdown (by percentage): 
*Other considerations
(i.e. Maker school, STEM school, etc): 
Ocean Ambassadors Interest (please complete the following questions to the best of your ability)
*What most excites you about participating in Ocean Ambassadors?
*How many hours per week do you anticipate dedicating to Ocean Ambassadors?
*In what ways do you envision Ocean Ambassadors integrating with your current curriculum?
*What concerns do you have about participating in Ocean Ambassadors?
*What do you anticipate being the most challenging aspect of implementing Ocean Ambassadors at your school specifically?
*How would your participation in Ocean Ambassadors add value to our existing community of educators and students?
*Share any relevant schedule information. For example if your school has block scheduling or minimum days, please include that information here:

*Does your school use blanket waivers? If so, please share what they cover:

*Share your list of district approved bus companies:

*Share your school and/or district field trip safety policies including weather protocols, student to teacher ratios, and chaperone requirements. Include any relevant policies regarding student field trip privileges:

*Please share any other relevant information to your participation in Ocean Ambassadors.

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