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Released or Deceased Patients

This page provides follow-up information on the outcome for all patients whose status has changed during the past month. The page is sorted with the most recently admitted patients first. This page is scheduled to be updated each Friday afternoon and shows the data for outcomes for patients that were released or deceased in 2020.

Scroll down to view information for those patients who unfortunately did not survive or click here to skip down to the deceased list. Please email if you have a question about a particular patient.

Last updated: 1-17-20 Time: 9:21 a.m.

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A Sea Lion Release at Rodeo Beach

Released Patients

Admit DateName Common NameStranding Location SexClass DispositionDisposition Date Disposition LocationDiagnosis
12/12/19 Wayfair California Sea Lion Pajaro Dunes Resort (South End) - Watsonville, Santa Cruz Male Juvenile Released 01/09/20 Drakes Beach (Visitor Center) trauma, unknown, anemia, malnutrition,

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Deceased Patients

Please contact for additional patient information.  

Admit Date NameCommon NameStranding Location SexClass Disposition Disposition Date Cause of Death
01/15/20 Carcass Southern Sea Otter Breakwater Launch Ramp - Monterey, Monterey Carcass
01/14/20 Frio Southern Sea Otter Port San Luis Pier (Hartford Pier) - Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo Euthanasia
01/04/20 Monorail California Sea Lion Tundali Cove (North Panther Cove) - Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Male Pup Euthanasia 01/06/20 euthanasia, malnutrition, maternal separation,
01/02/20 Clove Southern Sea Otter Pismo State Beach (Monarch Butterfly Grove) - Oceano, San Luis Obispo Euthanasia

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