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Cujo: Marine Debris Survivor

Approximately 3% of the marine mammals we rescue each year suffer from some sort of entanglement due to marine debris like packing straps, fishing line, netting and balloon strings.

Cujo rests at The Marine Mammal Center after his 1/4 inch wide plastic packing strap entanglement was safely removed from his neck.
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One example is Cujo, a young adult male California sea lion that was rescued because of a packing strap that was wrapped tightly around his neck and was deeply imbedded in the skin. The strap had probably been there for several months, as the tissue had begun to grow around the strap. The strap was removed and the wound irrigated, and a few days later Cujo was released to his ocean home.

here to learn more about the increasing problem of marine debris and how you can help.


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