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Ryan Berger

Ryan Berger, M.S.

Associate Director, Field Operations & Response

I’m committed to effecting positive change toward ocean conservation by building on and fully utilizing skills obtained through marine ecology research and marine mammal entanglement response, and inspiring others to be stewards of our ocean environment.

Ryan Berger started with the Center in 2018 as the Northern Range Operations Manager. Ryan focuses on training and empowering the many response volunteers across his range that perform the important work of safely rescuing marine mammals in need. Much of his time is spent advancing protocols, procedures and systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness to accomplish the Center’s mission.

Ryan values building strong partnerships and networking with targeted stakeholders to amplify the collective impact of conservation efforts. He works diligently to build new relationships with key partners and maintain existing relationships to showcase the power of collaboration.

Ryan came to the Center after seven years as a Farallon Island biologist with Point Blue Conservation Science. This work focused on leading long-term research on pinniped and seabird populations to assess the health of the California Current ecosystem in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

Ryan has also dedicated much of his professional development toward advancing NOAA's Large Whale Entanglement Response Network. In 2015, he was named Co-Investigator on the national permit as a Level 3 disentanglement expert. Prior to moving to California, Ryan was a marine mammal biologist for the state of Florida where he led rescue and necropsy efforts for sick, injured, distressed and dead manatees and cetaceans.

Ryan received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Master of Science degree from Georgia Southern University. He was a founding member of California Whale Rescue prior to the project joining The Marine Mammal Center. Ryan is a CORO Leadership alumnus with specific skills focused on hosting effective meetings, open and honest communication, and tools for self-awareness, intentionality and building trust-based relationships.

Ryan resides in Rio Nido, California, nestled among the redwoods along the Russian River, with his wonderful wife Katie and retired dog Bella.

Areas of Expertise

  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Marine Ecosystem Research
  • Marine Mammal Entanglement Response
  • Team Leadership
  • Strategy and Planning

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