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Current Fellows

Meet the 2019 Fellows!

María Soledad Sarzosa Moreta

Country: Ecuador
Residency: March-May

Soledad, or Sole, is interested in zoonosis (transmission of disease to humans from animals) and wildlife veterinary medicine. She is currently investigating a disease impacting the Galápagos sea lions, but has few resources to conduct proper health exams. Through participating in the International Veterinary Fellowship Program, Sole hopes to build a partnership with the Center to better diagnose Galápagos sea lions. She will also gain the experience needed to develop a rehabilitation and response program and new policies for Galápagos sea lion management, with the goal to aid their conservation. A veterinarian and microbiologist with a degree from Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, Sole currently works as a lab manager at the Galápagos Science Center on San Cristóbal Island. She assists the national park with marine mammal research, with a focus on the endangered Galápagos sea lion. In this role she performs diagnoses, necropsies, lab analyses, and treatment including disentanglements, in conjunction with aiding rehabilitative programs. She’s contributed to several research projects and publications in which she and her team investigated various diseases or microbes and their connections to human health.


Paulina Larrea

Country: Ecuador
Residency: June-August

Paulina, or Pauli, is passionate about wildlife. The International Veterinary Fellowship Program is a great opportunity for Pauli to develop the skills needed to establish emergency protocol responses for marine mammals and to create a network of rehabilitation centers throughout the Ecuadorian coast and the Galápagos Islands. With a degree from Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, Pauli is currently a veterinarian for the Center of Rehabilitation of Wildlife in the Amazon of Ecuador. She also recently studied with a diplomate in Amphibian and Reptile Medicine. Inspired by her love for cetaceans, Pauli’s first experience working with marine mammals was during an internship with the Rapid Response Network to Wildlife in the Galápagos Islands, which inspired her to pursue a career in marine mammal care. Pauli has been dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation throughout her career, gaining experience in necropsies and medical exams. She is excited for this opportunity to continue to expand her knowledge.

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