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Pupping season is here, meaning new patients are admitted to The Marine Mammal Center almost every day. You can give our pup patients a second chance at life with a gift of fish today!

Our Patients Need Your Help!

The fish our patients eat cost about a dollar a pound, and we have lots of hungry mouths to feed. With your support, our patients will grow and gain the strength they need to be released back to their ocean home. Your gift today will help ensure these pups will get all the food and medicine they need for a second chance at life. Please help us achieve our $86,000 Dollar-a-Pound campaign goal!

Here's how your gift helps...

$1 = 1 pound of fish

$10 = 1 fish smoothie for 1 seal pup

$25 = 1 day of medical care for 1 seal pup

$50 = 1 day of fish smoothies for 1 seal pup

$75 = 1 day of meals & meds for 1 seal pup

Help us reach our goal!

Progress: 150%
Progress: 150%
Raised: $ 129131     Goal: $ 86000

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Rescued with fishing nets wrapped tightly around his face and neck, this California sea lion has a second chance at life. This elephant seal pup wandered away from mom and across a highway before being rescued from a coyote. Our first pup of the season, this harbor seal was found alone on a beach just days after birth.


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