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Severely entangled in a jumbled mass of netting and thin fishing line, harbor seal pup Cyrus was in desperate need of help. After receiving calls to our hotline, our trained response experts arrived at the scene and partnered with local firefighters to rescue this pup. After he was safely netted from the water, Cyrus’ bulky entanglement was removed, and he was brought to our hospital for further care. That’s when our animal care experts saw that this pup also had a hook lodged into his lower lip. While we can’t be certain how Cyrus became entrapped in the first place, what we do know is that seals and sea lions are intelligent, curious creatures that can see ocean trash as something to eat or investigate not knowing the object could be potentially fatal. After the hook was removed, Cyrus was active, alert and eating whole fish on his own very well—all positive signs that he was ready for life back in the wild. In a matter of days, Cyrus was released back to his ocean home entanglement-free.

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Age at Admit
Rescue Location
San Francisco Marina Harbor - East Harbor - San Francisco, San Francisco
Trauma, Human interaction
Release Date
Release Location
Fort Baker

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Yes, I want to save a life!

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