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three harbor seal pups

Current Patient Count

  • Fur seal icon 18
    Fur Seals
  • Sea lion icon 10
    Sea Lions
  • Harbor seal icon
    Harbor Seals
  • Hawaiian Monk Seal icon
    Hawaiian Monk Seals
  • Sea otter icon
    Sea Otters
  • Elephant seal icon
    Elephant Seals

Yes, I want to save a life!

Yes, I want to save a life!

You’ll be giving sick and injured animals the best possible care at the Center’s state-of-the-art hospital. With your gift today, you are giving a patient a second chance at life in the wild.

  • $35 You'll buy food for a hungry animal
  • $45 You'll provide life-saving medical care
  • $65 You'll make second chances possible

Recent Patients

northern elephant seal pup Weasley with reddish fur visible


Northern Elephant Seal — Male
harbor seal pup Aquapup


Harbor Seal — Male
Guadalupe fur seal Annette with visible scar around his head


Guadalupe Fur Seal — Male
Hawaiian monk seal Sole


Hawaiian Monk Seal — Male
Research Insight

Marine Mammal Health, Ocean Health and Human Health Are Linked

Our 24,000+ rescues reveal critical insights about the health of our ocean. The Center’s research scientists have been primary or contributing authors on hundreds of peer-reviewed articles on marine mammal health, generating research findings and scientific outputs at volumes similar to an academic research laboratory. See some of our recent publications: