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Double Your Impact for Sea Otters

Sea otters like Langly need all the help they can get. Threats like entanglement and disease are pushing sea otters closer to the brink of extinction. But you can make a difference with your matched gift.

While we have the expertise to treat sick and injured sea otters, your help is needed to provide the meals and meds an animal needs for a second chance. And today, you can provide double the care.

Your matched support will help heal a sea otter, giving this threatened population a chance one animal at a time.

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southern sea otter Langly
Hawaiian monk seal Ahonui


Hawaiian Monk Seal
Neomonachus schauinslandi

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When Hawaiian monk seal pup Ahonui was rescued, she had recently weaned from her mother, but was not getting the nutrition she needed and was severely underweight. Hawaiian monk seals are one of the most endangered animals in the world, so each individual seal is essential to save this species from extinction. Thankfully, Ahonui was rescued and transported to Ke Kai Ola, our Hawaiian monk seal hospital on Hawai‘i Island, for rehabilitative care. At first, this skinny seal was gently tube-fed a nutritious formula to help her stabilize and get vital nutrients, but it wasn’t long before she was eating fish on her own. She soon began to steadily gain weight and playfully interact with other Hawaiian monk seals in our care. After Ahonui regained her strength, she was released back to the wild in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands with a second chance at life.

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photo © The Marine Mammal Center / NOAA permit #18786

Age at Admit
Weight at Admit
24.00 kgs
Rescue Location
Laysan Island - Laysan, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Malnutrition, Maternal separation, Abscess
Release Date
Release Location
Laysan Island

Yes, I want to save a life!

Yes, I want to save a life!

You’ll be giving sick and injured animals the best possible care at the Center’s state-of-the-art hospital. With your gift today, you are giving a patient a second chance at life in the wild.

  • $35 You'll buy food for a hungry animal
  • $45 You'll provide life-saving medical care
  • $65 You'll make second chances possible

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