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Seal-ebrate California Sea Lions and Get a Gift!

Did you know that most California sea lion pups are born in June each year? That means there are lots of birthdays to celebrate this month!

We want to celebrate your birthday too! Simply share your birthday to get a 15% discount to our online gift store, valid until June 30, plus a birthday present on your special day.

Let’s seal-ebrate!
California sea lion pup running toward you
large group of sea lions underwater

Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses

Learn More About Pinnipeds

The word "pinniped" means fin- or flipper-footed and refers to the marine mammals that have front and rear flippers. This group includes seals, sea lions and walruses -- animals that live in the ocean but are able to come on land for long periods of time. Learn the differences between seals and sea lions

Millions of years ago, the ancestors of pinnipeds lived on land. These were probably weasel- or bear-like animals that spent more and more time in the ocean and eventually adapted to this marine environment.

Pinnipeds are separated into three groups: earless seals, eared seals and walruses.

sea lion pup
harbor seal
Steller sea lion
northern fur seal with mouth open
Research Insight

Pinniped Research at The Marine Mammal Center

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