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northern elephant seal Shrub with enrichment items including fake kelp and a red buoy


Northern Elephant Seal
Mirounga angustirostris

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Northern elephant seal pup Shrub was found on a beach malnourished and suffering from a dangerous parasite. She clearly wasn’t getting enough to eat out in the wild, and likely would have faced a tragic fate without help. Luckily, Shrub was rescued and brought to our hospital where she received the medical care she desperately needed to heal. As Shrub began to eat her nutritious fish meals, she slowly put on a healthy amount of weight and regained her strength. Part of Shrub’s rehabilitation also involved engaging in specialized enrichment activities to develop natural behaviors and critical survival skills. Enrichment items like imitation kelp and balls with fish hidden inside encouraged problem-solving and exploration of her environment. After months of care, Shrub was ready for life in the wild where she could venture into the open ocean and dive to amazing depths foraging for food.

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Age at Admit
Weight at Admit
39.00 kgs
Rescue Location
Doran Beach Regional Park (Entrance) - Bodega Bay, Sonoma
Malnutrition, Ocular abnormality, Otostrongyliasis
Release Date
Release Location
Chimney Rock

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