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Corporate Partners & Community Sponsors


Our Corporate Partners and Community Sponsors help drive operations and support core campaigns, benefiting in turn from widespread recognition and involvement at a grassroots level.

About the Program
Find out all about our Corporate Partners Program, including benefits, recognition, and inspiration!
Corporate Volunteer Days
A premium benefit reserved for our most generous corporate supporters.
Our Sponsors
Learn how your foundation can help to further our groundbreaking work.
Run for the Seals
Corporate sponsors for our annual Run for the Seals fundraiser enjoy strong exposure and goodwill from the community.
40th Anniversary Celebration
Join us as we celebrate 40 years of rescuing and treating marine mammals.
Other Events
Find out about other events throughout the year and how they can be supported by our corporate partners.
Community Fundraising
Corporate sponsors for our annual Run for the Seals fundraiser enjoy strong exposure and goodwill from the community.
Your company can volunteer for a day at The Marine Mammal Center, a great team-building exercise for your employees. They will have the opportunity to work alongside our Animal Care Crews and experience first-hand what goes on at a marine mammal rescue hospital. Learn more.


Our Corporate Partners in Action
The Marine Mammal Center rescued Lapawi, a Guadalupe fur seal, in 2011. Normally found around Guadalupe Island and the Channel Islands, rescuers knew something was wrong when they saw this threatened species on the mainland, far from home.

Covered in tar and oil, this Guadalupe fur seal was severely underweight and desperately needed our help.

Removing the oil was quite a process. Lapawi had to be carefully cleaned with the only thing we know that can cut through the oil and is safe - Dawn dishwashing liquid, by our largest corporate partner, Proctor & Gamble.

After six weeks of the Center’s constant monitoring and TLC, Lapawi was healthy and strong enough to go back to the wild where he belonged.



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