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Donate Your Vehicle

Your vehicle donation to The Marine Mammal Center will help us with our important work and ease the process of disposing of your car.

You can donate a vehicle to The Marine Mammal Center online at Donate For Charity. Contact them at (866) 392-4483 or By donating your vehicle, you will be making a vital contribution to The Marine Mammal Center and will avoid the headache of selling a used vehicle.

The Marine Mammal Center receives 70-80% of the net proceeds, depending on the sale value of the vehicles.

As the donor, you'll receive the sale value of the vehicles as a tax deduction if the vehicle is sold for $500 or more. If the vehicle sells for below $500, donors may declare the fair market value (up to a maximum of $500) or the sale price-- whichever is greater. To assist them in determining the fair market value, Donate for Charity provides the Kelley Blue Book estimate.

*Donate for Charity generally accepts most cars, trucks, vans, fleet vehicles, trailers, boats, and RVs from any location in all 50 states.

The donor will be contacted by a representative from a licensed and insured towing company within two business days who will arrange for pickup at a mutually acceptable time. There are no towing or transfer fees. A valid and signed Certificate of Title (no lien holders) is required.

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