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As you might imagine, the patients at The Marine Mammal Center require care and attention seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our rescue teams and hospital must be ready at all times to respond to emergencies and animals in distress.

For over two decades, our Monthly Donor Fund has been there to help provide care for the patients who are the most in distress - these are often animals with gunshot wounds, shark bites and those that have ingested or gotten trapped in trash - major injury-related cases. These patients need additional medical support and treatment, advanced diagnostics and analysis, surgery and much more time rehabilitating in our hospital than other patients.

The Monthly Donor Fund helped gunshot victim Silent Knight, the California sea lion who was shot and blinded. Silent Knight needed extra special medical attention, including surgery to remove pellets, and continued to receive lifesaving treatment for nearly 6 months. Once he was healthy enough to be placed in a permanent facility, he moved in to the San Francisco Zoo.

A great way you can help ensure that we're always able to meet the needs of each patient is to make an automatic monthly gift. Your tax-deductible gift may be relatively small each month, but they'll add up fast and give the Center an ongoing source of income we can depend on to perform life-saving surgeries, conduct advanced tests, buy food, formula, antibiotics and other supplies that these marine mammals patients so desperately need.  



It's simple to set up right now using your credit card and you get Membership benefits too! You maintain complete control over your giving and can change or cancel it at anytime via a secure login. If you prefer to have your gift automatically deducted from your checking account each month, either print and complete this form, or just call us Monday through Friday from 9am - 5 pm at (415) 289-7338 or email us at (but don't give your credit card details in an email).

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