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Monterey Bay Operations

The Marine Mammal Center's Monterey Bay Operations (MBO) rescues animals from both Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. From a modest beginning, MBO has grown to approximately eighty volunteers and one paid staff member.

Although volunteers in Santa Cruz had been operating out of private homes since 1980, it was not until 1993 that MBO was officially designated a field office triage facility. At this time, The Center received permission to locate a trailer and few pens on an unused piece of then-PG&E property along Moss Landing Harbor.
Plans for a new facility at MBO began in 1999 when Duke Energy purchased the Moss Landing Power Plant from PG&E, and began planning to reuse the land upon which MBO sat. Understanding the importance of The Center's activities, however, Duke offered to help move the MBO site to a quiet piece of land on a remote part of their property. MBO volunteers now operate out of this location.



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Contact Information:
Monterey Bay Operations
The Marine Mammal Center
P.O. Box 778
Moss Landing, CA 95039
24-Hour Rescue Hotline: 831.633.6298
Fax: 831.633.5927

To Volunteer:
Volunteers are always needed for animal assessment, rescue, triage, transport, and equipment/site/vehicle maintenance. Additionally, volunteers assist with public outreach and education programs. Training is provided. A minimum commitment of ten hours per month is required. Prospective volunteers should be aware that rescues for MBO are seasonal, and there may be periods of inactivity.

To volunteer, please contact our MBO office at 831.633.6298. For more information, call 831.633.6298 or e-mail


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