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Current Patients


Number of Patients on Site

Please note that some animals may not be visible to visitors as we strive to provide the best medical care to the patients as possible requiring us to sometimes have the animals in pens farther away from the viewing platform.

Last update: 9-22-2017 Time: 4:23 p.m.

For general species information; including description, range, habitat, age class chart, etc. click on the common name above the picture of the species in which you are interested.

Hawaiian Monk Seals: Find out about the Current Hawaiian monk seal patients at Ke Kai Ola.

Total: 15

Patient Update

Last update: 9-22-2017 Time: 4:23 p.m. If you do not see the patient you are looking for, visit our Released or Deceased page or contact

Admit DateNameCommon NameStranding LocationClassSexAdmit Weight (kg)Diagnosis
09/21/17 Limpitor California Sea Lion Monterey Dunes Colony (South End) - Castroville, Monterey 55.5
09/19/17 Kelpski Northern Fur Seal Leffingwell Landing (Moonstone Beach) - Cambria, San Luis Obispo Pup Male 6.5
09/17/17 Nester Guadalupe Fur Seal Schoolhouse Beach - Bodega Bay, Sonoma Yearling Male 10 malnutrition,
09/13/17 Imafurbe Northern Fur Seal Oceano Dunes Entrance Station (Grand Ave) - Oceano, San Luis Obispo Pup Female 6.5 malnutrition, maternal separation,
09/13/17 Rosebud Northern Fur Seal Pajaro Dunes (Puffin Lane) - Watsonville, Santa Cruz Pup Male 7.5 malnutrition, maternal separation,
09/12/17 Sporty Northern Fur Seal Trestle Beach (La Selva Beach) - La Selva, Santa Cruz Pup Female 5.5 malnutrition, maternal separation,
09/12/17 Malachi California Sea Lion Seadrift Beach - North - Stinson Beach, Marin Yearling Male 22.5 malnutrition,
09/11/17 Lowell Northern Fur Seal Morro Bay Sand Spit - North End (Montaña de Oro State Park) - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Pup Male 6 maternal separation,
09/04/17 Aquafur Northern Fur Seal Morro Strand State Beach - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Pup Female 5.9 malnutrition, maternal separation,
09/03/17 Matkah Northern Fur Seal Oceano Dunes (Between Post 6 & 7) - Oceano, San Luis Obispo Pup Female 6.1 malnutrition, maternal separation,
09/03/17 Tryptophan California Sea Lion Manresa State Beach (North) - Watsonville, Santa Cruz Yearling Female 23.5 malnutrition,
08/26/17 Sandstone California Sea Lion 17 Mile Drive (Spanish Bay Viewpoint) - Pebble Beach, Monterey Yearling Male 22 anemia, trauma, malnutrition, osteomyelitis,
08/08/17 Pops California Sea Lion Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (Main Beach) - Moss Beach, San Mateo Subadult Female 26 malnutrition, abscess, pneumonia,
07/29/17 Orpheus Northern Fur Seal Morro Bay Sand Spit - 2 (Montaña de Oro State Park) - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Adult Female 40.5 domoic acid toxicity,
07/03/17 Yankee Doodle Southern Sea Otter Breakwater Beach (Pillar Point Harbor) - Half Moon Bay, San Mateo Adult Male 26 domoic acid toxicity,

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