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Current Patients

Number of Patients on Site

Please note that some animals may not be visible to visitors as we strive to provide the best medical care to the patients as possible requiring us to sometimes have the animals in pens farther away from the viewing platform.

Last update: 9-21-18 Time: 2:32 p.m.

For general species information; including description, range, habitat, age class chart, etc. click on the common name above the picture of the species in which you are interested.

Hawaiian Monk Seals: Find out about the Current Hawaiian monk seal patients at Ke Kai Ola.

Total: 41

Patient Update

Last update: 9-21-18 Time: 2:32 p.m. If you do not see the patient you are looking for, visit our Released or Deceased page or contact

Admit DateNameCommon NameStranding LocationClassSexAdmit Weight (kg)Diagnosis
09/21/18 Kapricious California Sea Lion Ocean Beach (Ortega, Pacheco, Quintara Streets) - San Francisco, San Francisco 106.5
09/19/18 Canoli California Sea Lion Monterey - Monterey, Monterey Yearling Female 22
09/18/18 Cocoon California Sea Lion Santa Rosalia Beach (Monterey Harbor) - Monterey, Monterey Adult Female 68 malnutrition,
09/18/18 Butterfly California Sea Lion Asilomar State Beach (Pebble Beach) - Pacific Grove, Monterey Juvenile Male 33.5 malnutrition, trauma, non-HI (known),
09/17/18 Montymave California Sea Lion Del Monte Beach (Naval Academy Gate) - Monterey, Monterey Subadult Male 59.5 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
09/16/18 Moonlight California Sea Lion Stinson Beach - Stinson Beach, Marin Juvenile Male 31.5 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/16/18 Farlie California Sea Lion Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor (Santa Cruz Harbor) - Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Yearling Male 38.5 trauma, HI, leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/16/18 Veil California Sea Lion Mitchells Cove - Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Juvenile Male 37 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
09/15/18 Vasile (restrand) Northern Elephant Seal Fisher Beach (Hopkins Marine Station) - Pacific Grove, Monterey Weaner Female 57 malnutrition,
09/15/18 Beachclean California Sea Lion Doran Beach Regional Park (Campground) - Bodega Bay, Sonoma Subadult Male 76 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/15/18 Gecko California Sea Lion Fort Ord State Beach (Hwy 1 Exit 404) - Seaside, Monterey Subadult Male leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/14/18 Janeyjay California Sea Lion Carmel Point (Stewart Way) - Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey Juvenile Male 36.5 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
09/13/18 Patiencia California Sea Lion Pajaro Dunes (Pajaro River Beach) - Watsonville, Santa Cruz Yearling Male 20 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/12/18 Terrence (restrand) California Sea Lion Custom House Beach (Monterey Harbor) - Monterey, Monterey Juvenile Male 41.5 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
09/12/18 Dangela California Sea Lion Manresa State Beach (Parking Lot) - Watsonville, Santa Cruz Juvenile Male 44.5 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/11/18 Indigo California Sea Lion Lands End Beach - San Francisco, San Francisco Pup Female 10.5 maternal separation, abscess, osteomyelitis,
09/11/18 Belgique California Sea Lion Steinbeck Plaza Beach (Cannery Row) - Monterey, Monterey Juvenile Male 39 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/11/18 Sprinter California Sea Lion Leffingwell Landing (Moonstone Beach) - Cambria, San Luis Obispo Yearling Female 16 trauma, HI, osteomyelitis, malnutrition,
09/11/18 Violet Northern Elephant Seal Refugio Beach - unincorporated, Santa Barbara Weaner Female 49.5
09/09/18 Angelita California Sea Lion South Salmon Creek Beach (Bean Ave) - Bodega Bay, Sonoma Juvenile Male 37.5 malnutrition,
09/09/18 Autobob California Sea Lion Aptos - Aptos, Santa Cruz Juvenile Male 30 abscess, malnutrition,
09/09/18 Wilfred California Sea Lion Salinas River SB (Potrero Road) - Moss Landing, Monterey Juvenile Male 46 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/08/18 Sodabread California Sea Lion Pillar Point Harbor (Romeo Packing Pier) - Princeton-by-the-Sea, San Mateo Juvenile Male 39.5 malnutrition,
09/08/18 Albatross California Sea Lion Shorebirds (Pajaro Dunes Resort) - Watsonville, Santa Cruz Juvenile Male 42 leptospirosis, trauma, HI,
09/08/18 Dandelion California Sea Lion Doran Beach Regional Park (Harbor side) - Bodega Bay, Sonoma Juvenile Male 30 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
09/08/18 Lil Smokey California Sea Lion Radar Beach (Pillar Point Harbor) - Princeton-by-the-Sea, San Mateo Yearling Male 26 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
09/07/18 Galaxy Northern Fur Seal Morro Bay Sand Spit - South (Montana de Oro State Park) - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Yearling Female 9.5 trauma, non-HI (known), malnutrition, anemia,
09/06/18 Shilo California Sea Lion Lovers Point Park - Pacific Grove, Monterey Juvenile Male 46.5 leptospirosis,
09/02/18 Whistlestop California Sea Lion Moss Landing - Moss Landing, Monterey Subadult Male 66 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
09/02/18 Jimjim California Sea Lion Seacliff State Beach Pier - Aptos, Santa Cruz Juvenile Male 39 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/02/18 Maxence California Sea Lion Rio Del Mar Beach (Kenneth Dr) - Aptos, Santa Cruz Juvenile Male 45 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
09/01/18 Zebra California Sea Lion San Simeon Pier (Hearst Memorial State Beach) - San Simeon, San Luis Obispo Adult Female 54 abscess, leptospirosis,
08/29/18 Tenacious California Sea Lion Coleman Beach - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Subadult Male 81 malnutrition, sarcocystis,
08/28/18 Mordechai California Sea Lion Coyote Creek - Mill Valley, Marin Juvenile Male 38 leptospirosis,
08/11/18 Dixon Harbor Seal Esplanade Beach (Access stairs) - Pacifica, San Mateo Pup Male 18 malnutrition, abscess, trauma, unknown, osteomyelitis, pneumonia,
07/27/18 Acme California Sea Lion Point Pinos (Asilomar Coastal Trail - North) - Pacific Grove, Monterey Yearling Female 20.5 trauma, non-HI (known), anemia, pneumonia,
06/12/18 Sprout Southern Sea Otter Del Monte Beach - Monterey, Monterey Immature Female 11 malnutrition, anemia, domoic acid toxicity,
05/30/18 Pip Southern Sea Otter Corcoran Lagoon Beach (26th Ave) - Live Oak, Santa Cruz Adult Female 13.5 malnutrition, trauma, unknown, toxoplasmosis,
05/28/18 Dunbarr Guadalupe Fur Seal Limantour Sandspit (Point Reyes National Seashore) - Point Reyes, Marin Pup Female 5.5 malnutrition, unknown, anemia,
05/07/18 Langly Southern Sea Otter Oceano Dunes (Pier Avenue) - Oceano, San Luis Obispo Immature Female 9 maternal separation,
03/25/18 Hawking Northern Elephant Seal Morro Strand State Beach (South) - Morro Dunes RV Park - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Weaner Male 32 malnutrition, keratopathy,

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