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Current Patients

Number of Patients on Site

Please note that some animals may not be visible to visitors as we strive to provide the best medical care to the patients as possible requiring us to sometimes have the animals in pens farther away from the viewing platform.

Last update: 11-16-18 Time: 3:52 p.m.

The information on this page is typically updated daily Monday – Friday. For general species information; including description, range, habitat, age class chart, etc. click on the common name above the picture of the species in which you are interested.

Hawaiian Monk Seals: Find out about the Current Hawaiian monk seal patients at Ke Kai Ola.

Total: 29

Patient Update

Last update: 11-16-18 Time: 3:52 p.m. If you do not see the patient you are looking for, visit our Released or Deceased page or contact

Admit DateNameCommon NameStranding LocationClassSexAdmit Weight (kg)Diagnosis
11/14/18 Ojos California Sea Lion Del Monte Beach (Park Avenue) - Monterey, Monterey Subadult Female
11/14/18 Madimur California Sea Lion Carmel City Beach (Pescadero Canyon) - Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey Yearling Female 25.5
11/14/18 Ron California Sea Lion South Salmon Creek Beach (Bean Ave) - Bodega Bay, Sonoma Subadult Male 59
11/12/18 Serchio California Sea Lion Doran Beach Regional Park (Campground) - Bodega Bay, Sonoma Subadult Male 63 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
11/12/18 Ocelia California Sea Lion Kirby Cove (East) - Sausalito, Marin Subadult Male 72 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
11/09/18 Tamarind California Sea Lion Perkins Park - Pacific Grove, Monterey Juvenile Male 76 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
11/08/18 Jamesmossy California Sea Lion Santa Clara, Santa Clara Subadult Male 105.5 malnutrition,
11/08/18 Oz California Sea Lion Moss Landing Harbor (South Entrance Channel) - Moss Landing, Monterey Juvenile Male 65.5 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
11/08/18 Harvestmoon California Sea Lion Moss Landing Harbor (Sea Harvest Restaurant) - Moss Landing, Monterey Subadult Male 74 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
11/06/18 Oldtime California Sea Lion El Granada Beach (Surfers Beach) - Half Moon Bay, San Mateo Subadult Male 80.5 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
11/05/18 Olywa California Sea Lion Santa Cruz Wharf - Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Juvenile Male 71.5 malnutrition, leptospirosis,
11/04/18 Wayfarer California Sea Lion Fort Funston (Funston Beach Trail) - San Francisco, San Francisco Adult Female 63.5 domoic acid toxicity, malnutrition,
11/03/18 Chidi California Sea Lion Moss Landing Harbor (South) - Moss Landing, Monterey Juvenile Male 32 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
11/02/18 Mordanne Northern Fur Seal , Alameda Pup Male 7.5 maternal separation, malnutrition,
11/01/18 Persimmon Northern Fur Seal Moss Landing Beach - Moss Landing, Monterey Pup Female 7 maternal separation, malnutrition, keratopathy, anemia,
11/01/18 Serendipity Northern Fur Seal Rockaway Beach (South) - Pacifica, San Mateo Pup Male 7 malnutrition, anemia,
10/30/18 Wazowski California Sea Lion Oceano Dunes (Post 2) - Oceano, San Luis Obispo Juvenile Male 33 malnutrition,
10/29/18 Chowder California Sea Lion Pier 39 Marina - San Francisco, San Francisco Juvenile Male 50.5 malnutrition,
10/28/18 Spirou California Sea Lion Moss Landing State Beach (N. Jetty Road) - Moss Landing, Monterey Juvenile Male 73 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
10/28/18 Manzie California Sea Lion Point San Luis - Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo Subadult Male 70.5 leptospirosis, malnutrition,
10/27/18 Norman Northern Fur Seal Morro Strand State Beach - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Pup Female 6 malnutrition, maternal separation, oil,
10/22/18 Guardian California Sea Lion Coleman Beach - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Yearling Male 26 pneumonia, malnutrition, anemia,
10/18/18 Pangea California Sea Lion Breakwater Cove Marina - Monterey, Monterey Juvenile Male 44 pneumonia, malnutrition, anemia,
10/13/18 Hermulligan Northern Fur Seal Ventura Harbor - Ventura, Ventura Pup Male 7 maternal separation, malnutrition, anemia,
10/11/18 Miata Northern Fur Seal Del Monte Beach (Surf Way) - Monterey, Monterey Pup Male 7 maternal separation, malnutrition, anemia,
10/08/18 Rowie Northern Fur Seal New Brighton State Beach - Capitola, Santa Cruz Pup Female 8 malnutrition, maternal separation, anemia,
09/26/18 Choco Steller (Northern) Sea Lion Back yard of private residence - Big Lagoon, Humboldt Pup Male 19 maternal separation, malnutrition,
06/12/18 Sprout Southern Sea Otter Del Monte Beach - Monterey, Monterey Immature Female 11 malnutrition, anemia, domoic acid toxicity,
05/07/18 Langly Southern Sea Otter Oceano Dunes (Pier Avenue) - Oceano, San Luis Obispo Immature Female 9 maternal separation,

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