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Welcome to our Latest News Page, where you can preview the most recent stories and activities at The Marine Mammal Center!

Steller sea lion pup Leo

Steller Sea Lion Pup Leo Finds a Home for the Holidays
Last updated: November 20, 2014

An orphaned Steller sea lion pup rescued in Washington state is transported to The Marine Mammal Center for care until he’s old enough to survive on his own.


California sea lion Orchard

The Sea Lion That Couldn't Catch His Breath
Last updated: November 19, 2014

Orchard was having trouble breathing when he was rescued. Our experts recognized that he had a rare condition and treated it with a simple procedure, saving his life.



Northern Fur Seals Lost at Sea
Last updated: November 6, 2014

Kadiddlehopper and Fructus are northern fur seals that were rescued by the Center after being separated from their mothers.



Socks - Entangled in a Frightening Way
Last updated: October 30, 2014

Socks is a California sea lion that was rescued in Morro Bay after being spotted with fish netting entangled around her. The entanglement was so severe that it left deep wounds around her neck and face.



Meet Armstrong: Victim of Gun Violence
Last updated: October 21, 2014

Who would shoot a sea lion? Over the years, The Marine Mammal Center has treated a disturbing number of sea lions that have been shot. Meet one of the survivors.


Meleana, Hawaiian monk seal

More Patients Arrive at Ke Kai Ola
Last updated: October 2, 2014

Two new Hawaiian monk seal patients have arrived at Ke Kai Ola. And the Hawaiian monk seal population has increased slightly in the past year, a hopeful sign for the future of this endangered species.


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