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Zachary was the first of a record-breaking number of Northern fur seal pups rescued in 2015. Zachary was found alone on Pajaro Dunes Beach, at about half the weight of normal fur seal pups. Although Zachary was skinny and starving, she growled as our rescue experts approached, giving the team hope that she’d be strong enough to survive.

Northern fur seal pups like Zachary fell victim to the warmer ocean temperatures off the California coast in 2015, which made food harder to find for young pups and their mothers. The lack of available fish caused pups to be weaned too early from their mothers, before they were strong enough to hunt and find fish on their own.

After transitioning quickly from tube feedings of “fish smoothies” to whole fish, Zachary nearly doubled her weight in one month.

She was released on December 14, 2015, with a second chance at life.

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