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A Statement from The Marine Mammal Center

June 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter.

The Marine Mammal Center is committed to making all people safe, and living and sharing our conviction that black lives, black voices and black experiences matter. We are committing to reflect on recent events, to listen even more intently to our colleagues, partners and neighbors of color, and to speak out and inspire action and reflection in others. And we ask our community to do the same.

Ecological justice, environmental justice and social justice are not mutually exclusive. In order to take care of and protect the environment, we must protect and take care of people. Any injustice that affects part of our community affects us all. Taking meaningful action today starts with educating ourselves.

COVID Response

Focusing on safety in our core work.

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Your symbolic adoption helps our patients thrive.

Our Commitment

Expanding work on social and environmental equity.