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Ocean Advocacy Collective

Ocean Advocacy Collective has been paused this year

Thank you for your interest in our high school virtual leadership program! Our team is working hard this year to review all our existing programs to make sure we offer the best opportunities for high school youth in the field of ocean conservation. We believe virtual programs are crucial to conservation work, so will be determining the best format for any virtual high school programs we offer in the future. 

If you are interested in receiving updates in the coming months as our team works on these changes, please complete the form below.  

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Do you live along our 600-mile range of the California coast? Explore our other high school programs.

Ocean Advocacy Collective's origin story

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, our team developed Ocean Advocacy Collective, a virtual leadership program for high school students to gather and build a community around their passion for ocean conservation. 

The high school leadership program met for 90 minutes every week for 12 weeks, where we worked to amplify youth advocacy and agency by creating a community-oriented space for discussion around ocean conservation and climate change. 

This was a safe, open space for teenagers to learn how to cultivate optimism as we grappled with complex issues and transformed passion into action. We all learned from one another in order to strive for effective change and holistic conservation solutions.

Hear more from youth who participated in Ocean Advocacy Collective:

I love that I was given the opportunity to get to know and interact with people who I would never meet before.

I have never really met people in my state who are connected to the ocean and feel impassioned to protect it, so being able to peer into California culture and meet people with similar interests gave me a sense of understanding and belongingness that I've never really felt before in this area. This was a really, really special group!

High School Participant from our Spring 2021 cohort

I definitely learned how to prepare for a meeting and then present the information I prepared.

I learned that if you bring people together from a bunch of backgrounds with at least one common interest you can have cool, fun and effective conversations.

High School Participant from our Fall 2022 cohort

The most memorable and meaningful moment in this program was seeing Candy Corn the seal in one of the meetings because that symbol of a seal getting back up after being wrapped up in something was inspiring.

I also learned about the institute where the seal in my local aquarium came from, which was very memorable.

High School Participant from our Spring 2023 cohort


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