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a group of educators at a Climate Literacy Collaborative meeting

Supporting Climate Communicators

Warming water temperatures, rising sea levels and ocean acidification -- all examples of human-caused climate change -- endanger human and marine mammal populations worldwide. Without increased and intentional efforts now, these changes will continue to worsen. 

Across the United States, gaps in solution-focused messaging, lack of support for behavior change initiatives and insufficient access to relevant and accurate data continue to prevent effective climate communication that is able to effect change.

The Center’s Climate Literacy Collaborative will provide resources for organizations to build capacity within their teams to better educate their audiences on the impacts of climate change. Through developing a series of workshops and a climate solution toolkit that address current deficiencies in environmental education, the Collaborative will support resilient communities and healthy ecosystems through climate adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Access to the Collaborative is free, and all climate communicators and educators are welcome. The Collaborative hosts four to six workshops and community conversations annually, and communicates monthly through a free e-newsletter.

Connect With Us

The Center’s Climate Literacy Collaborative has a free e-newsletter featuring climate stories, resources and notices of upcoming local professional development opportunities, in addition to quarterly meetings and workshops.

To join the community, email Adam Ratner, the Center’s Associate Director of Conservation Education, at with your name, contact information and organizational affiliation.

BayCLIC educators at The Marine Mammal Center