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Cape fur seals jumping out of the water

Sponsorship Opportunities

By partnering with The Marine Mammal Center,
you can make a conservation impact on a global scale and connect with our highly engaged audience.

Our audience includes prosperous urban and suburban families, active urban professionals, luxury travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and many other consumer demographics. We will work with you to develop memorable activations tailored to your goals.

Environmental, social and governance-related statements on consumer products and services are proving to boost sales growth across a variety of brand types.*

* According to a 2023 joint study from McKinsey and NielsenIQ

Dawn Saves Wildlife campaign graphic

The Center has supported Procter & Gamble’s Dawn Dishwashing brand for 15 years. The campaign has won multiple awards and recognitions over this time and was rated highest at driving Dawn purchase intent among rival Colgate-Palmolive users, contributing to a 1.2 share point gain and received the highest ROI in homecare: $3.37. 

Highly engaged online audience:

  • 520,000 website visitors per year

  • 114,000 Facebook followers

  • 53,000 opt-in email subscribers

  • 32,900 Instagram followers

  • 22,300 Twitter followers

Regular features in top media outlets*:

  • NPR

  • National Geographic

  • The New York Times

  • Los Angeles Times

  • CNN

  • USA Today

  • Honolulu Star-Advertiser

  • The Guardian

* Total Unique Online Visitors: 2,456,267,427

four harbor seals return to the wild as a crowd watches
You can sponsor one patient release celebration or a series of events.
Sausalito hospital courtyard filled with visitors
The Center's 50th anniversary will provide a suite of sponsorship opportunities ranging from event sponsorship to multi-year initiative support, beginning in 2025.
Three Hawaiian elders speak to a crowd of people
In 2024, we'll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Kona-based hospital, Ke Kai Ola, where we've rehabilitated more than 40 Hawaiian monk seal patients, with a series of community events.

Current Sponsorship Properties

The Marine Mammal Center's 50th Anniversary

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Be part of our 50th anniversary celebrations in 2025 and help support another 50 years of vital ocean conservation impact. 

The Center is actively planning 50th anniversary celebrations throughout 2025, providing a suite of sponsorship opportunities ranging from event sponsorship to multi-year initiative support. 

For more information about our 50th anniversary plans and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us

Ke Kai Ola Hawaiian Monk Seal Hospital 10th Anniversary

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As part of our work to save the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, the Center opened a hospital and visitor center on Hawai‘i Island in 2014, and since then we've rehabilitated more than 40 Hawaiian monk seal patients. 

On September 28, 2024, we'll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our hospital at our Ke Kai Ola Kaiāulu Fest: Seal-abrating a Decade of Ocean Conservation

This celebration will bring together the Center’s most generous donors, supporters, friends, key stakeholders, and our community for a VIP brunch, open house, and conservation festival featuring our conservation partners and celebrating 10 years of conservation success for monk seals. We expect approximately 300 guests over the course of the day.

Sponsorship tiers and benefits start at $5,000 and include:

  • Your logo on event invitations, reaching over 3,000 invitees
  • Signage at the event
  • Opportunity for a table at the event
  • Sponsorship announced at major donor reception
  • Mentions and tags in social media posts: 6 posts at $10,000 and 3 posts below $10,000
  • Onsite logo or product placement opportunities
  • Recognition of your support in post-event communications

Learn more

For more information about our 10th anniversary plans and sponsorship opportunities in Hawai´i, please contact us.

Patient Release Celebrations

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Each year, the Center holds approximately five patient release celebration events over the course of the spring and summer. Each event is held at a public beach and is attended by approximately 100-200 of the Centers' most generous donors, supporters, friends and other key stakeholders. Sponsorships start at $5,000 per event (2023).

Your sponsorship of one patient release would include:

  • Your logo on event announcement
  • One mention in the Center's social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Verbal recognition of your support during the event
  • Recognition of your company's support in post-event communications

For more information, or if you would like to sponsor the entire 2024 series, please contact us.

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We don’t do the Gold, Silver, Bronze thing because we know we can do better for you. 

Tell us about what you are trying to achieve, then we can offer you something tailored to your needs. 

Let's talk about how we can work together to make an impact on global ocean conservation while engaging your target audience and helping you and your organization achieve its goals!

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