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Your Gift of Fish Will Be Doubled!

Today, your $1 = $2 thanks to a dollar-for-dollar match! Yes, you can make twice the difference for a patient in need. When you give a gift of fish, you’re not only feeding a sick and hungry patient a nutritious meal or two, but you’re also giving them a second chance at life.

Yes, I want to double my gift of fish!

California sea lion Spencer

Harbor seal pup Woody was rescued from what would have been a sad fate. She was found motherless and starving—with no way to get the nutrition she needed.

At the Center, she was tube-fed a nutritious formula to help her grow strong and gain a healthy amount of weight.

During “fish school,” when harbor seal pups learn life skills, Woody wasn’t as interested in the fish as her pen-mates were. As other harbor seal pups learned skills like competing for fish, Woody would watch them or play with the fish.

But once Woody had her “light-bulb moment,” she started to eat the fish and not just play with them! Just a few weeks later, Woody was ready for her second chance out in the wild and was released with other young harbor seals.

Adopt Woody

Age at Admit
Rescue Location
The Sea Ranch (ATOS -335) - The Sea Ranch, Sonoma
Malnutrition, Maternal separation
Release Date
Release Location
Chimney Rock - Point Reyes National Seashore

Yes, I want to save a life!

Yes, I want to save a life!

You’ll be giving sick and injured animals the best possible care at the Center’s state-of-the-art hospital. With your gift today, you are giving a patient a second chance at life in the wild.

  • $35 You'll buy food for a hungry animal
  • $45 You'll provide life-saving medical care
  • $65 You'll make second chances possible

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