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Concerned beachgoers called our 24-hour hotline after spotting a small fluffy figure alone on the beach. Thanks to these everyday heroes, harbor seal Aquapup was brought into our care after being separated from his mother too soon.

During his admit exam, he was sporting a fluffy lanugo coat often seen on newborn pups, and our veterinarians noted he didn’t have any teeth or tooth buds — indicating he was merely days old. This meant our hard-working volunteers needed to feed him a special milk formula nearly around the clock to keep him nourished those first few days.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the concerned beachgoers and our animal care team, as well as support from people like you, Aquapup graduated from fish milkshakes to fish school, where he learned to eat whole fish on his own. He was released with the skills he would need to survive in the wild and a second chance at life.

Adopt Aquapup

Age at Admit
Weight at Admit
6.00 kgs
Rescue Location
Moonstone Beach Boardwalk (Castle Inn) - Cambria, San Luis Obispo
Malnutrition, Maternal separation
Release Date
Release Location
Chimney Rock - Point Reyes National Seashore

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Yes, I want to save a life!

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