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Your Impact Will Go Twice as Far for a Pup

Do you notice all those folds of skin? They tell a heartbreaking story of a pup far too thin. 

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elephant seal pup Horseshoe
Heather Stoker

Heather Stoker

Animal Care Specialist, Hawaiʻi

Heather first joined The Marine Mammal Center as a volunteer in 2018 and moved to a staff position three years later supporting the care and rehabilitation of Hawaiian monk seals at Ke Kai Ola, the Center’s hospital and visitor center in Kona, Hawaiʻi, dedicated to this endangered species.

In her role as Animal Care Specialist, Heather works with our Hawaiian monk seal patients, feeding, weighing, transporting and providing general care, and supervises a team of volunteers assisting with these duties. She also performs ongoing behavioral observations, lab work and water-quality testing, and assists the veterinary team in exams and other areas of critical care.

Prior to joining the Center, Heather worked at a number of veterinary clinics and boarding facilities supporting the care of dogs, cats and exotic animals. She also spent two decades working with horses at large barns and equestrian centers.

Heather enjoys running, hiking, hanging out on the beach or just being home with her husband and animals.


Areas of Expertise

  • Hawaiian Monk Seal Husbandry
  • Volunteer Management
  • Domestic Animal Care and Handling
  • Horse Husbandry and Equestrian Management