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Sarah Hess

Sarah Tatum

Human Resources Operations Coordinator

I love connecting with people, connecting people with resources, and connecting resources with research.

Sarah joined The Marine Mammal Center in 2022 as a Human Resources Operations Coordinator supporting all employee-facing human resource touch points, such as benefits, the human resource information system, leaves of absence, workers’ compensation, reporting and compliance. She provides strong partnership across the organization through timely and reliable employee support that generates a high level of employee engagement, ensures fair and consistent handling of employee issues, and inspires confidence through effective communication, expert knowledge and efficient escalation to resolve issues.

Sarah brings seven years of operations and administrative experience to the Center, including five years in nonprofit operations. Prior to joining the Center, Sarah worked as the Senior Operations Coordinator for Daily Acts Organization, a small nonprofit focused on localized climate resilience. Some of her accomplishments include onboarding 15 new hires for a 10- to 15-person organization, managing 30 volunteers for an annual 700-person fundraiser and managing a 20,000-constituent database.

Sarah’s hobbies include outdoor adventures, listening to music, playing board games and video games, gardening and being with animals.

Areas of Expertise

  • Employee Experience
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Database Management & Data Mapping
  • Excel