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Dr. Whizzlepuff

A Word with Dr. Whizzlepuff: Climate Change

We can take action and reduce our global footprint

Ages: 4-7 years old

  • Climate change

This animated short highlights the science of climate change, its effects on marine mammals and actions we can take to reduce our global footprint. The film was directed and written by Pixar animator Bret Parker, with animation and production completed by students at the California College of the Arts in collaboration with The Marine Mammal Center. This animation was generously funded by the California Coastal Commission Whale Tail Grant Program as part of the Center's Climate Change Education Initiative. Watch here.

Take your learning to the next level by playing Dr. Whizzlepuff Bingo as a family while you watch. See how you are already taking action on climate change and what more you can do to protect our ocean for humans and marine mammals alike.

climate change
Lower elementary
4 years
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